Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I went back to work on Tuesday. After lunch I was called in and told that I have been detailed so far north that I have to take the tollway. Afternoons too. I think it's a good idea if I put this blog idea up on the shelf for awhile.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Chicago Irish Film Festival

My vacation was nice. Too bad I had to come back to this weather and tomorrow is work. A friend asked me to post this. A great neighborhood event. Go to BAC for more information.

Founded in 2000 the Chicago Irish Film Festival is one of only a handful of Irish Film Festivals in the United States. The festival has consistently brought a truly representative selection of Irish films that embrace everything from classics to the contemporary. Each year since its inception the festival has screened features, documentaries, shorts and animation many of which have won awards and have had selected screenings at some of the largest festivals in the world including Cannes, Sundance, and Toronto. The festival has also been delighted to welcome as its guest the actors, directors, and producers that are the heart of today's Irish cinema. The CIFF is pleased to be a showcase for Irish film production that embraces innovation, independence, and creativity that is rooted in Ireland's rich cultural heritage

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More stuff

It's as nice as it looks.
It's 86 and sunny where I'm at. Will be back soon. 

I heard that Matt O'Shea didn't show up at the debate. 

Until I get back, enjoy yourselves by viewing a movie about Matty O. 

Friday, January 7, 2011


Why is this picture here?
During the next week, I am going to be traveling and will have limited if any, internet access. I will check in whenever I can.

There is a great debate between the aldermanic candidates at 9:30 am Saturday January 8 at the 95th St. library. All are welcome. 

I have received quite a few email inquiries from city employees about the health of their pensions. People are concerned. I have decided to expand coverage of the pension issue and need everyones help. Please write to me with any info you may have about people getting 2 or more government pensions. I will check it out and run with the results. 

Last, try to explain why this picture is here. The winner gets to vote twice on Feb 22.