Friday, May 17, 2024

Would I be wrong to label her a hater?

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Denounces White Men Who “Fail Up”
by R. Cort Kirkwood May 17, 2024

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One wouldn’t think it possible, but a leftist black congresswoman found a way to attack whites even during a committee hearing on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley, the Democrat who represents the 7th District of Massachusetts, unloaded on “white men” who “fail up” after not performing to her high standards.

Then she posted the anti-white, cringeworthy exchange on her congressional webpage.

The chances that fellow Democrats will admonish the congresswoman: Zero.

The Rant

Pressley unbosomed herself of the rant during a Financial Services Committee hearing. Witness: Martin Gruenberg, chairman of the FDIC, which insures depositors against losses due to bank failures.

Citing a recently released report about FDIC, she inquired about the “toxic culture of racial discrimination and misogyny that has taken root and festered at the FDIC.”

In so many words, the former “community organizer” with no experience in banking accused the FDIC chief of rank incompetence.

“You have failed your staff, people of every walk of life, but especially women employees who have brought their knowledge and their skills to serve at the FDIC, and you have failed the American public who relies on the agency to work productively and to put forth policies that protect consumers from bank malfeasance,” the furious congresswoman fumed.

From there she segued into an attack on Republicans because they oppose anti-white diversity, equity, and inclusion policies. As well, they ‘“undermined the Me Too Movement, … voted against the Violence Against Women Reauthorization, and … don’t want to support finally passing the Equal Rights Amendment.”

That’s a record any normal American would love, but at any rate, the rant became more deranged from there.

Republicans “did all of those things,” she averred, “to advance their anti-regulation agenda and to use survivors — which I am one — of abuse as political pawns.”

Pressley claimed that not having a woman leader at FDIC is a “problem,” and said the FDIC workplace report “detailed hundreds of women who experienced harassment with no recourse.”

Gruenberg and FDIC leadership “ignored” those women, she said. Then she pressed him about his claims that the agency had “appropriate policies and procedures in place.”

His answer opened the door to Pressley’s anti-white rant:

Pressley: Do you now agree, and this is a yes or no question — I’m serious — do you now agree that the policies and procedures in place have been a cataclysmic failure and an affront to the many women who have been harassed, pushed out of the FDIC, and forced to change [their] career goals and life trajectory?

Gruenberg: They have failed, yes, Congresswoman. …

Pressley: I am so tired of white men failing up. This lack of accountability is … shameful, inadequate, and deeply unsatisfactory and it is retraumatizing.

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