Sunday, May 19, 2024

Insanely Anti-American


BREAKING: New CBP data reveals the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of illegals Biden is flying directly into the country

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin just published new CBP data revealing how many illegals Joe Biden has been flying directly into the country from countries in the region.

According to the data, Biden has flown nearly half a million illegals into the country from Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Here’s his report:

Per new CBP data through April, at least 434,800 migrants have flown directly into the US and have been paroled into the country via the Biden administration’s controversial CHNV mass parole program. This includes:

184,600 Haitians
101,200 Venezuelans
91,100 Cubans
75,700 Nicaraguans

These are not included in the southern border numbers.

It’s amazing the lengths Biden will go to flood this country with illegals, especially from countries with leftist governments. And I guarantee you most of them were dropped off in red states like Florida and Texas.


  1. Anonymous5/20/2024

    Move them to Delaware and NYC and Martha Vinyard and Beverly hills cali

  2. Anonymous5/22/2024

    25th Amendment??

  3. Anonymous5/29/2024

    No one cares about people and how they are suffering. The emphasis is on getting a vote, making millions, selling junk online, selling alcohol, selling prescription drugs, keeping people ignorant, selling fertility treatment, selling abortions, selling human eggs, and so on.
    To avoid mental illness, it is best to learn to tune out all negativity and do what is best for yourself and your family. Don’t become materialistic. Be a good Christian. Teach yourself good health. Do your research.

  4. Anonymous6/02/2024

    Women need to understand that when human eggs are purchased for fertility, those eggs contain the genetic material of the donor. It is the same as adopting someone else’s child. If women decide to get pregnant at ages 40 plus, there is a possibility that old eggs can cause unhealthy children. The same applies to very old sperm. There are millions of children diagnosed with cancer and other serious health problems because of the diet, lifestyle, age, etc., of the pregnant mother and sperm of the father. Get educated. There are serious side effects to many prescription drugs.

  5. Anonymous6/05/2024

    The influx of millions of migrants walking into America is upsetting everyone because that type of behavior should not be tolerated by any country. We are wondering how will Americans feed and care for millions of poor people and their families. Where will they live? Who will educate them? Where will the food come from? Thousands of migrant females are pregnant and homeless. People need answers.