Friday, April 19, 2024

Black Voters Are Now Threatening Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson



  1. Anonymous4/20/2024

    Black voters need to use their energy to self educate for better skills to earn higher income because the non black population is increasing by the millions while the black population is declining because of black on black murders and high crime.

    The migrants are opening businesses in various cities and providing numerous services for their people while blacks are waiting and depending on others to provide their needs.

  2. Anonymous4/24/2024

    Many migrants are members of various races of American doctors, business owners, and so on and are listening to the anti migrant speeches by black people who depend on the services of non blacks to help them. The majority of doctors in America are foreigners who may discriminate against blacks by not accepting black patients, or may refuse to open a business in a black neighborhood, or may refuse to hire black people, and so on.

    I will be 90 years old and have been reading medical books since age 10 because of the history of the mistreatment of blacks in the medical profession. Therefore if you are not a medical expert, stop the outspoken anti-migrant hatred because the other races don’t like it. Use your energy to become independent and successful. Allow the mayor to do his job.