Thursday, February 29, 2024

IT BEGINS: Black Citizens DESTROY Chicago Mayor Over Migrant Crisis

the speakers do make some valid points


  1. Anonymous2/29/2024


  2. Anonymous3/01/2024

    The elderly are fed up with the migrant crisis, the open borders allowing everyone from everywhere to enter, the use and abuse of abortions as a form of birth control as they murder unborn babies because of selfishness, the abuse of selling young female eggs to elderly women who decided at old age that they wanted a baby when it was convenient , the high crime rate caused by neglectful parenting, the lack of education of children, the threats of wars, the high cost of foods loaded with chemicals, the inadequate knowledge of how to prevent illnesses to reduce the cost of health care, and the list goes on.
    What a world!

    1. Anonymous3/01/2024

      The correct song to play for the second reply would be to listen to
      Louis Armstrong's - What A Wonderful World

  3. Anonymous3/07/2024

    A Chicago news article mentioned that migrants are complaining that the mayor is not providing adequate healthcare and they are getting sick. WoW! It is not the mayor’s responsibility to provide health care to guests upon their arrival to a city.

    An individual becomes a legal adult upon reaching age 18 and should know how to use the internet to get medical information on how to prevent illness caused by traveling from one country to another. The Merck medical manual has been available since the 1800s to provide any information on how to care for any medical problem a person may have. You can purchase the manual at Barnes and Noble or at Amazon. You can Google medical information while using your cell phone. This is the age of technology and there is a shortage of doctors where many of them are suffering from burnout! Help yourself!

  4. Anonymous3/09/2024

    It is wonderful that we have a world. However too many people are engaged in destroying what we were always taught that God created heaven and earth along with Adam and Eve. Today medical researchers are treating humans like growing chicken eggs for storage with very little respect for human life.

  5. Anonymous3/16/2024

    The Merck Medical Manual has been available in several different languages and sold all over the world since the 1800s, and updated every few years.
    Grow up and learn how to prevent costly health problems and how to take better care of your children.

  6. Anonymous3/16/2024

    Do your research because there is a serious consequence to messing with the endocrine system that’s called endocrine disrupters. Get educated and stop politicizing the abuse of the female reproductive processes.