Sunday, February 25, 2024

Democratic Panic Grows Over Biden’s Invasion of the Illegals

By John Kass

February 25, 2024

Watching Democrats soil themselves in panic over President Joe Biden’s invasion of his illegal immigrants in “Sanctuary Cities” is rather like watching a Stephen King horror movie with a bag of chips.

Whether it’s the eerily creepy “The Outsider” or the terror of “The Shining,” when you’re this deep into the horror story you know one things to be true:

The feeling you’ve got in the pit of your stomach won’t get any better.

It’ll only get worse.

This panic is wriggling through the Democrat consciousness like the startled snakes from the head of Medusa in that painting by Reubens.

And in response, the Biden White House sends out whisperers to CNN and other Biden/Obama friendly media to test market and then tease yet another executive order, this another of his bad fantasies, as if actually interested in changing course now and helping his country that he’s sold to China.

But it’s all just gaslighting. He’s not changing course on the border. He has had four years and has done nothing except to promote the invasion of his illegals. And now the White House hints that he’s changing what’s left of his mind?

Only fools would believe it. He wants support for another forever war in Ukraine. And he’s trying to appease the hard left Bolsheviks of his party who have demanded open borders and got them. Would he dare push new strategy and admit he’d been lying?

“I’ve done all I can do. Just give me the power,” Biden said recently, just one of his many lies. “I’ve asked from the very day I got into office. Give me the Border Patrol. Give me the people — give me the people, the judges. Give me the people who can stop this and make it work right.”

Why doesn’t the New York Times fact-check that whopper? The Biden White House is playing a stupid game for stupid people, for idiot clowns. He doesn’t need “the power.” He’s president and he’s got the power. He’s got a pen. He’s got a phone. All he has to do is immediately rewrite the hideous executive orders that he wrote when he came into office.

This nonsense? It is all about confusing the chumbolones. But you’re not one of the chumbolones, are you? I hope not.

Since you’re here with me, I assume you’re not one of Biden’s idiot clowns or chumbolones. And I know you can see clearly what has happened to America.

At least 8 million illegals have come into the U.S. invited by Biden that are savaging the Democratic cities. The illegals demand food, shelter, medical care, and other amenities courtesy of American taxpayers. It is an unprecedented invasion assisted by the some 94 Biden presidential executive orders that Biden passed in his first 100 days in office. This was his promise to the American political left, to reverse the immigration policies of former President Donald Trump. And he succeeded. Bigly. Beyond the left’s wildest dreams.

Hundreds of thousands and more of men of military age traveling alone from a variety of nations that are hostile to the United States. From China, Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

When terrorism strikes—and it’s inevitable that it will—you can bet that Biden and his loyal Democrat stooges in corrupt corporate media will try to shift the blame and point fingers at Republicans. And if you try to point out that Biden signed some 95 presidential executive orders to unravel and kill all the good work Trump had done on the border they’ll just open their mouths like mythical flesh eating harpies and scream.

Bet that it will happen.

Meanwhile, Biden’s wide-open border policy has infuriated most everyone.

Black Democrats are so angry about Biden’s millions of illegal aliens crowding them out of the blue cities, and feeling betrayed by Biden, Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Mayor Brandon “Panic Attacks” Johnson, that they’re publicly talking about leaving the Democrat plantation. They can see what he’s doing. He’s replacing them.

“We’re so angry here in Chicago which has been a Democratic stronghold for much of its eternity, with Pritzker and president Biden and with our mayor that we have decided we’re just going to vote Republican this time around,” said Chicagoan Cata Truss on “The Faulkner Focus” program on Fox News.

“That’s just how angry we are,” Truss said.

And when black Democrats in Chicago get angry and threaten to run off the political plantation, that’s when white political panic sets in. Because without black voters misled by political pimps and old white guys playing the race card, there is no Democrat Party.

Black candidates running as Democrats can always play the race card. There is no doubt in my mind that Johnson will play it again. It works for him. He wasn’t elected for his management abilities, was he?

His surrogates played the race card and the corrupt Chicago corporate media allowed them to play it because their politics were in alignment. Johnson expected black voters to vote black. They did.

The mostly white horde of American Bolsheviks in the Democrat Party don’t have the protection of race. And black people are hurting, helplessly watching their cities be overwhelmed, like the Democrat National Convention city of Chicago.

As loyal readers know, I’ve been writing about this for years.

Why? I’m a political writer. I don’t write many rom-coms and love stories. I’ve watched in fascination as Biden—kowtowing to the hard open-borders left—began kicking loyal black voters to the back of the bus, and what’s left of the black middle class in Chicago came into open conflict with Chicago’s Latinos.

Chicago is the American city of immigrants. I’m the son and grandson of immigrants who came here, legally, with nothing from poor villages in Southern Greece. So I am not anti-immigrant. I’m pro-immigrant, pro-legal immigrant.

Black Chicagoans are part of a great migration too, not from Europe but from the Democrat controlled apartheid Jim Crow South. And they haven’t forgotten the great migration, though others may have forgotten.

So when you watch black Democrats in Chicago protesting against Chicago Mayor “Panic Attacks” Johnson and Biden or those white lefty angry MSNBC commentators ripping on the hard left bible The New York Times for daring to fact check a Democrat, remember how this all began.

It began with Joe Biden putting out the call to all illegals everywhere, to storm America’s borders and demand asylum and he would let them in.

Now his allies are panicking, and wiggling and wriggling like the poison snakes of Medusa’s head. From their deadly forked tongues they hiss that he must do something about the border. But they sat there defending him year after year and now they want some kind of cosmetic change?

The most important presidential election in our lifetimes–one that determines if we remain a republic or if we slouch like apes toward complete Marxism–is just a few months away.

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  1. Anonymous3/03/2024

    During the black migration mentioned, black people were not given freebies like food, clothing, shelter, money, and other goodies. Blacks had to work together and find creative ways to survive on their own and help each other. Chicago has always been the most segregated city in America where whites refused to live near people of color and created white flight that caused major ghettos and chaotic situations. Today migrants of color are packed together in segregated communities while predominantly white areas are closed to the migrant disaster.

    Ukrainian migrants are welcomed and have received royal accusations without any issues because they are not people of color. That’s the American way of treating people.