Sunday, September 24, 2023

This Priest Got Kicked Out After He Delivered This Sermon! Very Powerful!


  1. Anonymous9/24/2023

    heart breaking to hear, im surprised that there is no schism. i personally go with Vigano. ive no use for our cupcake of a cardinal nor his boss francis. my donations are ONLY to the maintenance of the church grounds. i dont want my donations going up the pipe. when i go to mass i worship the way i was taught. i follow Christ not the men that corrupted my religion. it is my belief that the third secret of Fatima wasnt released because it states satan has infiltrated the catholic religion (my opinion). pray to Jesus to release St. Michael to help us

  2. Anonymous9/24/2023

    I'm sure this won't get posted. But it still amazes me how there was a priest at St. John Fisher in 1967 that took liberties with alterboys. And a smaller incident involving a choir director and teen age boys (high school age). Many people that were parisoners knew about what had happened. There were many parisioners who didnt know what happened. It was so amazing when you'd mention it to the naive non belivers that any thing happeed but you still get the deer in the headlight look from them even today! Not many left.