Thursday, March 30, 2023

Trump Indicted....WTF


"they will do anything, anything to stop him

Trump attorney says indictment has "a complete lack of legal basis"

from CNN's Kara Scannell)

Donald Trump's attorney Chris Kise called Trump’s indictment “the lowest point in history for our

criminal justice system.”

“What was once the most respected and revered district attorney’s office in the nation has been fully bastardized by an opportunistic politician seeking, like many others, to cash in on the Trump brand,” Kise said. “The complete lack of legal basis, coupled with the politically targeted nature of the prosecution, should strike fear into every citizen in this country irrespective of their views of President Trump.”

American citizens, regardless of whether they are Trump supporters or not, should be alarmed. 


  1. Anonymous3/30/2023

    Now the trap is set!!

  2. Anonymous4/01/2023

    How did the German people let it happen........

    1. Anonymous4/02/2023

      Only the reason why we aren't speaking German is because of the German scientists be grateful to them!

      "Germany did not lack the bomb because, but rather because a handful of key scientists hostile to Hitler wormed their way into the German atomic program. Heisenberg had even admitted to a shocked Luftwaffe audience in 1942, after the devastating British 1,000-bomber annihilations of the port cities of Kiel and L├╝beck, that Germany could produce a bomb with material "the size of a banana" (gesturing with his hands) to wipe out an entire enemy city, but then he caught himself."

  3. Anonymous4/04/2023

    Germany never possessed the capability to produce a nuke.