Tuesday, January 31, 2023

No more jabs?

Follow the Science: MIT Brainiac Calls for Immediate End to Covid Jabs

There are few technical institutes in the world that match the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT is the gold standard for science, and Retsef Levi is one of the most respected professors there. That’s why it behooves everyone to pay attention to him when he says it’s “indisputable” that the

Covid-19 “vaccines” are causing harm to young and otherwise healthy people.

HIs statistical analysis determined that the risks far outweigh any benefits to the jabs, and that’s assuming there are any benefits at all. For an experimental drug to do literally nothing to stop the spread of the disease and, according to some studies, actually aids in the spread, the bar must be set as low as possible for anyone to make any claim to their efficacy.


  1. Anonymous2/02/2023

    Zelenko protocols, look into it. Why was medical treatment denied????

  2. Anonymous2/03/2023

    Why take an experimental drug that has proved ineffective in preventing both the spread and contraction of covid???

  3. Anonymous2/03/2023

    If the medical community and govt dont want to discuss hydroxychloroquin and ivermectin, that means they work. Because they do. Coupled with zinc.

  4. Anonymous2/05/2023

    Covid was the greatest psy-op in world history. Nothing about how covid was handled made any sense.