Friday, June 18, 2021

Mayor Beetlejuic declares racism a public health crisis in Chicago .........running out of political ammo

fails to address black on black violence, again


  1. Anonymous6/18/2021

    Well she sure is using the demoRat playbook chapter on buzz word quotes. How can it be racism when 99% of the cities leadership is black. I guess all those shootings are being done by those redneck boys from southern Il, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee who drive up every weekend in their lifted pick up trucks flying their confederate flags and wearing MAGA hats and cause trouble in chitcagos finer neighborhoods. Horse crap.

  2. Anonymous6/18/2021

    Systemic Racism in Chicago?
    1. 2,240 Shootings, 440 Homicides from January thru July 2020. Almost every shooter and homicide were BLACK - 97.7%, but BLM and Chicago‘s Democratic Politicians blame “police and systemic racism.”
    2. The Chicago mayor is black.
    3. The Superintendent of Police is black.
    4. The Cook County States’ Attorney is black.
    5. The Chief Judge of Cook County Circuit Courts is black.
    6 The Illinois Attorney General is black.
    7. The Chicago Fire Department Commissioner is black.
    8. The Cook County Board President is black.
    9. The State Senate Majority Leader is black.
    10. The Illinois Lieutenant Governor is black.
    11. The Illinois Secretary of State is black.
    12. The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County is black.
    13. The Cook County Clerk is black.
    14. The Chicago Treasurer is black.
    15. The Chicago Police Board President is black.
    16. The Chicago Transit Authority President is black.
    17. The CEO of Chicago Public Schools is black.
    18. The Commissioner of the Department of Water Management is black.
    19. 40% of the City Council belong to the Black Caucus.
    Their average pay is $122,304 annually each, PLUS $122,000 per year in expenses.
    Their pension for life is 80% of last pay.

  3. Anonymous6/18/2021

    Racism is definitely a problem. That's why she needs to look in the mirror and take action.

  4. Anonymous6/18/2021

    Beatlejuice is the public health crisis. I wish a reporter had the balls to ask her for some examples of this widespread racism she cries at every opportunity. She is a mentally ill Obama puppet pushing a race war as hard as they can.

  5. Anonymous6/20/2021

    Racism as in refusing to talk to white reporters?

  6. Anonymous6/20/2021

    Mhhhmmmmm. Them whiteys bee raciss.