Friday, October 9, 2020

I feel bad for the owner but....

Family says CPD officer in SUV allegedly hit, killed 14-year-old dog

A family says a CPD officer hit and killed their 14-year-old dog and didn't even stop.

the dog was unleashed and it was 14 years old

CHICAGO - A family says a CPD officer hit and killed their 14-year-old dog and didn't stop. 

“It hurts just the same as when I lost my mother brother and father...really hurts me deeply,”

said Janice Webster, the dog owner.

Janice Webster is talking about her 14-year-old Chihuahua affectionately known as “pup.”

Webster’s partner was walking the dog early Monday morning at Columbus Park on the West Side.

Curtis Dabney says “pup” was unleashed just three feet in front of him.

He says a Chicago police SUV was leaving this club house parking lot right when he hit the dog and drove away.

“Far as I know, I couldn’t hear nobody, car coming out there flying. I look up, it was over with,” said Dabney.

We asked police if they’ve identified the officer involved or if the officer even realized he hit the dog.

A spokesperson for news affairs would only say that they’re investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, Dabney, who relied on pup through many health challenges, simply wants to hear two words: I’m sorry.

“I want an apology, that’s all just an apology,” said Webster.


  1. Anonymous10/09/2020

    A government worker will never apologize. That is admitting guilt. We the taxpayers are scum.

  2. Anonymous10/09/2020

    Chihuahua Lives Matter

  3. By Nate Rodgers
    FOX 32 Chicago
    October 9, 2020

  4. Its Chicago, it only matters if the dog was black.