Thursday, September 24, 2020

What has happened to our justice system?

Let me get this straight. Either we indict three police officers for their actions in a very questionable situation or else there is going to be And the would be rioters are being encouraged by local government officials to vent their "anger" and "peacefully protest".  And this is all good, decent and keeping with the American way? Somewhere, somehow we have lost our way. Police officers are not to be presumed guilty of anything and they are not to be used as sacrificial lambs in order to avoid civil unrest. If this type of thinking is allowed to continue, you and your family may be next.

As far as the would-be rioters, you should know that the American system of justice is going to prevail and that will become evident very soon.  


  1. Anonymous9/24/2020

    I could comment but the truth would never be published here......

  2. Anonymous9/24/2020

    mayor bugeyes mutant is on board with this shit.


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