Thursday, September 24, 2020

Inside the Breonna Taylor Drug Cartel. Part 1

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  1. Anonymous9/24/2020

    Ironic isn't it? We have Phleger up on 79th Street lamenting the loss of a drug dealer and on Friday nights he leads his faithful on marches against violence, against drugs, against gun dealers but jumps on the lefties bandwagon after the democrats, and the Hollywood crowd and a compliant media have her canonized for sainthood.

    So is that the media are embarrassed (as they should be) that their lack of investigation let them spin the fiction (kind of like Ferguson with the "hands up-don't shoot" bullshit), or they're committed to run with the democrats where truth is just an inconvenience to ignore. Frankly if I were O'Shea, Hurley, Cunningham et al, I'd be embarrassed to be running as a democrat and a little reluctant to send out those voter reminder palm cards encouraging voting a straight ticket. No either/or here, you either are or you're not.


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