Thursday, September 17, 2020

Foxx will soon be on the ropes



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CHICAGO - Does a Republican candidate have a chance to up-end George Soros-funded Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx in November? 

Looks like this year it could happen, a new poll is showing. At least it's closer than it has been in almost 20 years.
Cook County Republican Party Chairman Sean M. Morrison commissioned the polling firm Ogden & Fry to conduct a county-wide poll on the race for Cook County State's Attorney featuring embattled Democrat incumbent Kim Foxx versus GOP challenger Judge Pat O'Brien.
The results of the Ogden & Fry poll shows Judge O'Brien has significantly closed the gap over the last 8 weeks with Foxx's numbers falling below 50%.
48.1% -- Kim Foxx
33.8% -- Pat O'Brien
18.1% -- Undecided
The Ogden & Fry poll spoke with 447 Likely Voters with the margin of error for the poll is +/- 3.77% at the 95% confidence interval. The poll was conducted on September 5, 2020.
"What these poll numbers illustrate is that law-abiding residents from across Cook County have had enough of the rioting, looting, violent crime, murdered children and general lawlessness that has raged on across the city of Chicago and Cook County under the disastrous policies of Kim Foxx," said GOP Chairman Sean Morrison.
This is the first time since 1992 that a GOP candidate for State's Attorney is in solid position to compete and potentially win. Cook County GOP has seen a tremendous increase in grassroots support for Judge O'Brien from democrat and independent voters - the vast majority of these voters had cast their ballot for Foxx in 2016.
Chairman Morrison added, "The poll shows that Judge O'Brien has a real opportunity to upset Chicago's corrupt political machine led by Toni Preckwinkle and Kim Foxx. Voters are looking for a candidate that will help restore law and order and bring a renewed level of professional integrity to the office of State's Attorney. Pat O'Brien is that candidate."
With 52% of Likely Voters opposed to the re-election of Kim Foxx, the Cook County State's Attorney's race looks to be the one race to watch closely over the next 47 days.


  1. Anonymous9/17/2020

    Figures lie and liars figure. A presidential election should bring out more than the apathetic 30 pct that usually show up at the polls. But the Romanian collusionist who donated millions to non prosecuting prosecutors across the country is sure to throw more millions to sway the election towards Foxx. What becomes important is to keep the incompetence and danger having this woman in charge of who gets prosecuted and who doesn't. To read details, daily of Foxx's incompetence, I'd recommend reading about offenders and the judges the county authorizes to set them free at . Its an eye opening site that presents information the Tribune and SunTimes, along with broadcast media will never report. Sadly, our Sheriff is included in this group of Cook County government executives that smoke and mirrors cannot hide.

  2. Anonymous9/18/2020

    All depends on what the Daley's want as she was part of TRIFECTA. They would need a replacement.

    1. Anonymous9/18/2020

      "All depends on what the Daley's want" ?

      The Daleys can't even get one of their own into a run off for Mayor in an open primary?

  3. Anonymous9/18/2020

    The Cook County States Attorney Race is; Good (R)vs Evil (D).

    1. Anonymous9/19/2020

      A lot of talk I'm hearing talks of Foxx having the Democrats backing and Soros money bankrolling her. Looking back a few states attorney elections ago, nobody thought Dick Devine could beat Jack O'Malley. We saw what happened there.

  4. Anonymous9/18/2020

    You are a fucking disgrace, Murph or whoever you really are. When this neighborhood is finally ruined you can wear the hat for not exposing our local leaders for the true cowards and communists they really are. You are just like them. Go ahead and wear your Black Lives Matter banner proudly. You make me sick.

    1. Anonymous9/18/2020

      WTF are you on about? Did you take your pills today?

    2. The Daley Machine has been replaced by the Preckwinkle Machine. ಠ︵ಠ