Saturday, August 15, 2020

Chicago Police get tough with the assholes

Police clash with protestors downtown in heated exchange and kick their ass

Now if we can only get Kim Foxx to prosecute the leaders
Tensions flare downtown as police and protestors clash

FOX 32's Michele Fiore reports...

CHICAGO - Protestors clashed with Chicago police Saturday evening after an intense afternoon of prolonged demonstrations.

The afternoon started near the Dan Ryan and 47th Street where protesters wanting to shut down the expressway failed, but effectively forced police to close Indiana Avenue as they marched to Grant Park.

When the peaceful demonstration ended at Roosevelt and Michigan, a number of those in the group
broke off and headed up to the raised bridge at Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive where skirmishes with police intensified.

“I told him I was moving and he hit me. He hit me here and here and I told him I was moving,” said one unidentified woman.

The conflict caused protesters to start running down Michigan Avenue. They told FOX 32 things got tense when they attempted to walk east on Wacker Drive. The group squared off with police at Wacker and Michigan. That’s where police say protesters were hurling frozen bottles at them, and protesters say police began confiscating their bikes and umbrellas and hitting them with their batons.

“Tonight I saw cops like take a lot of the protesters bikes and we saw like big piles of the bikes all in the streets. And then we just saw a bunch of the cops coming out of the cars to here so …where the bridge cuts off by Trump Tower, they pretty much just stopped everyone from walking past so we’re like walking around to try to get home and it’s just really, really hard now and we’re pretty much stuck so we’re trying to figure out how we’re gonna get back,” said Rachel Israel and Kyla Greene, who live nearby.

Saturday night, uniformed police both in riot gear and without, stood guard at nearly every street corner downtown, hoping to avoid a repeat of last weekend’s looting.

CPD Superintendent David Brown was walking alongside his officers Saturday night on Michigan Avenue.

At a news conference, he told reporters that two officers had been injured, one suffering a hand injury and the other was hit over the head with a skateboard.

There is no word yet on whether police made any arrests.

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