I’m beginning to think Trump is God as he seems to be everywhere.

Tired from reading about the latest feud with the Chinese, the fight over Greenland (I think he wanted to move ICE there... get it?).
Then there were the allegations against Jews who dare to vote Democratic, the schmozzle over the
Chairman of the Fed, the fight with the European Union and so on.
My head was spinning. I decided to get away from it all.

One of the most-watched TV programs all year in Ireland is the Rose of Tralee.
Talented and attractive young women from all over the world jet in seeking the title of Rose of Tralee. The town of Tralee in Kerry is jam-packed and a great time is had by all.
It’s pretty harmless stuff and entirely predictable, which is why millions tune in. It's a cultural phenomenon.
One of the fun things to do is read the bios of all the different girls. It would gladden your heart to see the pride in Irish ancestry.
So, I flipped on the old laptop and settled down for a nice read.
That’s when Trump ambushed me yet again.
Turns out the County Clare Rose works for Trump International out of his Irish property.
Turns out he wished her well during his recent visit to Ireland.