Saturday, August 24, 2019

Democrats Embrace Socialism

The media is urging the democrats to trust their instincts and voters and run on full-bore socialism. This is a bad development for our country’s future. 

Democrats embrace socialism
I was greeted this morning by an article in The Week suggesting democrats should embrace their inner socialism and go all-in on this destructive philosophy.
The author points to a 52 percent approval rating among democratic voters and the excitement
socialism generates in them, arguing that Hillary Clinton would have likely won if she would have just gone full-socialism in 2016.
I agree with the writer that all the energy in the party is pushing them full-speed in this direction, which makes it hard to resist. They all are chasing these voters. Four of the most popular democrats; Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib, are unapologetic socialists.  
All the other democrat candidates who still have a path to the nomination, to include a mentally sluggish Joe Biden who is just trying to keep up, are pushing positions that are all but indistinguishable from the proud socialist crowd.  
The hyper-identity-politics that the party adopted and inevitable class and race warfare language that followed led them to this rotten place.  
While plenty of conservatives are thrilled with this development since it makes the path for President Donald Trump’s re-election easier, this is short-sighted. 
First, those who think that a socialist can’t be elected are almost certainly wrong.  Those poll numbers will continue to climb higher as more and more of America’s history-ignorant young people graduate from Marxist-wedded academic propaganda mills.   
Even as the democrats go full bore socialist, a democrat will very likely be elected president by 2024 since it is hard to believe we will dodge three bullets in a row. 
I’ve seen some argue that President Trump will replicate President Ronald Reagan’s 49 state victory if the democrats go full socialist.  That’s not going to happen, although he might pick off Minnesota, the one state that eluded Reagan.  Thanks to changing demographics and ruthless propaganda emanating from the cultural heights where liberals are firmly in control, this is not the same electorate.  This is going to be a close race regardless of whom the democrats nominate.      
Second, it is never good for the country when one of the political parties drives off the sanity cliff.
Many people in the baby boomer generation, unaware of the radical takeover of so many of America’s institutions, can’t even comprehend what’s going on.  How can America embrace the failed philosophy of the evil empires we paid so much in blood and treasure to defeat (National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union)?  The “better dead than red“ mantra of the 80s is morphing into “Let’s be Venezuela!…but we’ll do it better.”  
I find it somewhat ironic when the same liberals who scream about President Trump’s supposed cozy relationship with Russia then rush to emulate the socialist system of the failed evil Soviet empire where Bernie Sanders once honeymooned.     
The pro-socialist article is somewhat comical.  Aaron Freedman argues that the reason support for socialism isn’t higher is due to ignorance.  He’s got that backwards. If it wasn’t for ignorance, it would be at 2% (allowing that there will always be a few extremist weirdos who are unreachable). 
He argues that if only everyone realized that socialism was really just creating a large welfare state (I guess what we have now is small) and an economic system where most things were collectively owned (i.e. owned and controlled by the government), then everyone would jump on board.  
This is absurdity on steroids.  Socialism crushes innovation and initiative and leads straight to misery for all but the elite who exempt themselves from their own policies.  That misery inevitably needs to be controlled by a ruthless authoritarian government.  
The argument that a democratic socialism is somehow a good thing, as opposed to the bad authoritarian socialism is wrong. In some ways it can actually be worse in the sense that there are zero controls on the growth of the welfare state.  Everyone is free to vote themselves more “welfare.”  Our society would implode under the weight of its debt within a few short years instead of decades and hyperinflation would rage like the world’s greatest bonfire, making the dollar all but worthless.   
As I noted previously, under the best estimates with our “too small” welfare state, we are already on track to owe $1 trillion a year in interest on the national debt within a decade.  If we went full bore socialism, we’d be there within a few years and the 90% tax rate that would quickly follow would only accelerate the death spiral, especially when you consider that household debt is already approaching $15 trillion.
As Margaret Thatcher once noted, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” With democratic socialism, that will happen almost overnight.
President Trump has improved most Americans’ lives by unleashing America’s glorious capitalist economy from the shackles that his predecessor put in place.  That’s what capitalism does.  It may not always be pretty and there will be some income inequality, but it is a force for good in improving lives.  
Were socialism to succeed in making everyone equal (It won’t.  Elites will always exempt themselves), they would only be equal in their misery and despair. 
A month ago, the Washington Post asked if “Democrats can do anything to combat being painted as socialists?”  This is in line with the typical “republicans pounce” meme that the liberal media always uses to try to deflect from democrat insanity. But, that’s an easy question to answer.  A great first step would be to stop being socialists. The country would be better for it.    


  1. Anonymous8/24/2019

    You're just noticing it now? Where we're you when Comrade Obama was elected in 2008.

  2. Anonymous8/25/2019

    19th ward will still vote for the hammer and sickle

  3. Anonymous8/25/2019

    I think it's a good development for our country because right minded people will see what the DemocRats are all about and won't vote for them. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot.....