Monday, February 11, 2019

Luis, Luis

the ultimate bomb thrower may have met his match

they know how to make you sweat
From 2nd City Copper
Well known property tax cheat and terrorist supporter Luis Gutierrez was hospitalized the other day, suffering from high blood pressure, heart palpitations and other ailments usually associated with being the subject of a federal investigation.

One of our readers posted:
  • SCC check out Gutierrez being in hospital? Alleged high blood pressure.......Reports are he is actually hiding from FEDs Over at his home several US Marshals or FBI were observed this week. Neighbors were calling in suspious men in cars. All had federal IDs

    Remember he also decided not to run again, and declined running for Mayor??? Something is about to break. Even the watch supervisor was telling cars to give them lots of room.....
Does anyone know where we can get those really BIG bags of popcorn that movie theaters have on hand?


  1. Anonymous2/11/2019

    Can we have faith in any case presented by the feds?

  2. You gotta love this!! Woooohoooo!!!!

  3. Anonymous2/12/2019

    Love to see this pillow biter behind bars.

  4. Anonymous2/12/2019


  5. Anonymous2/12/2019