Monday, February 25, 2019

Hollyweird hypocrites: Oscars have massive firearm protection for last night


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Security for me but not for thee…
TMZ reports that at tonight’s Oscars (which I won’t be watching) there will be a massive police presence protecting the Hollyweird elite. Many of those hypocrites rally against our Second Amendment rights. 
From their report:
“Whatever money The Academy’s saving by bailing on a host this year is apparently being put to good use — beefing up security to ensure there’s not a terrorist attack or other act of violence … or Oscar hijinks.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the Academy is plunking down close to $150,000 on
around 190 additional uniformed police officers to patrol the 91st Academy Awards Sunday at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre. We’re told cops will be stationed at posts all around the venue, and LAPD will utilize cameras, plain-clothed officers and help from the feds.
Our sources say another focus will be stopping trespassers and people trying to sneak into the show with false credentials — there’s a zero tolerance policy and anyone busted will be charged with trespassing.”
I hope their ratings suck again this year.

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  1. Anonymous2/26/2019

    For a group that preaches gun control, that's quite a number of security officers. What are they afraid of? Nobody pays attention to them.