Saturday, December 16, 2017

UN Troops coming to Chicago ?


Four city parks designated as advance bases.

If the 4000 UN troops arrive next month, they will be camped at Columbus park on the west side and at Sherman, Ogden and Foster parks on the south side. The troops are part of a UN mandate to stop the violence in Chicago and will be made of of soldiers from China, Burma, Chad and Denmark. They will be supported by the French 17th Air Wing of Mirage fighters based at Gary International Airport and a still undetermined number of Italian naval vessels. 

The force will be under the command of General Ali Nape from the Sudan National Army who has stated that he expects the mission to be completed within six months or sooner, if the violence stops. 

More on this story as it develops. 


  1. Anonymous12/16/2017

    !01st. Airborne is at Ft. Campbell and they can convoy here in about 9 hours or airlift in less than three.
    Garrison in Columbus Park on the west side and Washington park on the south side. First assignment will
    be toseize the County/City Building, declare marshal Law and not let any city/county personnel out of the building. Next arrest all know gang bangers and issue a curfew for the entire county. OWI working on execution TBA.

    1. Excellent idea. UN has NO jurisdiction here.

  2. Anonymous12/16/2017

    If the UN come to the US that means WAR. We need tp get our military out of other country's and take care of our own.

  3. Anonymous12/16/2017

    How much longer will we have a Constitution?

    1. Only as long as we stand up for the second amendment. Thank GOD the founding fathers trusted all future patriots to bear arms. All patriots of every color, race and creed. If you are a true American, you will preserve your country by defending the constitution.

  4. Anonymous12/16/2017

    Laugh all you will at Boykin. I am too. But think about the message this sends about Emanuel and his arrogance, malfeasance and lies in trying to manipulate what kind of problems Chicago is having. It's nice to see him end up with egg on his face, whether or not Boykin is a looney, too.

    Anyone but Rahm in 2019. And I mean anyone.

  5. Anonymous12/17/2017

    Get the lazy bums cpd out of BOURBON STREET

  6. Anonymous12/17/2017

    Boykin is a silly man. Hard to believe an elected official would speak this way.

  7. Anonymous1/08/2018

    This is a troll. Did it come from "The Onion"?