Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Speaking some truth

The (In)credible Confession of France’s President Hollande

Dateline, Paris, France, Europe – 2016: In France, in her public political discussion circles, there is less political correctness than in USA! Here we have a respectable name in French journalism (criticizing the contemporary hypocrisy in French political culture which was inspired by the publication of President Hollande’s more candid comments in a new book. Even an outgoing liberal French president could speak more truthfully on immigration than President Trump did during his election! To hear Hollande say it “There is a problem with Islam, it’s true. No one doubts it.” Welcome to the club, Mr. President! Would you please run in our elections and win?
Islam has been an old enemy at the gates of the West. The Left denies this because reality is inadmissible to the political agenda driving the profits of the petty political scions of the Left who are safely ensconced in political-economic opportunities of guaranteed political power. The Left is sociopathic or psychopathic in nature because it hurts the citizenry by denying or by being oblivious to the reality of everyday life that normal people face. Anything defiant of reality will hurt the people. And Islam has a long, sordid, and predominant history of violence from ancient times to the present. Islam is positioned to exploit the evil fantasy that the ruling Left has imposed through its agenda on the everyday citizen of Europe and America. The sunset of our civilization will not be romantic.


Le Figaro
When we read Finkelkraut, Zemmour, Houellebecq, what does it carry? Always the same thing, Christianity, history, flawed identity in the face of an Arab-Muslim world that comes confident… That’s what makes those people fail, it’s not because they lost 3% of purchasing power – they have not lost by the way! – or because they are unemployed.There are things that tease them, they arrive on a train, they see bearded people, people who read the Koran, veiled women … “This is not an excerpt from The Cause of the People (Perrin) Patrick Buisson but are remarks by the head of state reported by Gerard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme in their interview book “A president should not say that” (Stock). Curiously, the President of the Republic appears less vigilant than usual when he denounces those who “play on fears” and “stigmatize”. To hear it “cultural insecurity” is not a feeling. The integration? ” These are both things that work very well but the accumulation of potential bomb-related immigration continues. Because it continues..Nadine Morano? “I am convinced that, when questioned, the French are mostly in agreement on this position. (…) They think: “We are more like whites, there are more white than others.” »The French football team? It is plagued by a “balkanization, a segmentation, an ethnicization “. The tolerance threshold? ” I think there are too many arrivals, immigrants that should not be thereAnd take the example of teachers in front of new immigrants. “It’s a Sisyphus’ Task! We make them speak French, and then another group arrives, and we must start all over again. It never stops (…). So, it takes a moment that it stops. Islam? “There is a problem with Islam, it’s true. No one doubts it. The veil? ” Servitude .” Migrants? “We can not continue to have migrants arriving without control, in the context in addition to the attacks. ” The secession of territories? ” How can we avoid partition? Because it’s still happening: the score is being recorded. 
Why did François Hollande choose to speak the truth? No doubt because his career is behind him!
You will desperately search in these 700 pages of interview for the lexicon of common indignation – France “moldy”, having “rancid” ideas, awash in “nauseating” speeches. The eulogy of “living together” is made without conviction: “The France of tomorrow will be what we do, it is still better that there are more women in public life, it’s still better that there is more diversity in society, it is still better that there are ideas of equality and justice being passed around”. The impression left by the head of state is that of a complete vision of French cultural malaise, of a sort of unfortunate identity stuck in a Café du Commerce [supermarket shop]. Why did François Hollande choose to speak the truth? No doubt because his career is behind him!
Politicians, intellectuals and journalists who hold the same discussions have, however, undergone a quinquennium of education in genuine contempt. The government and the moral left have marked their favorite targets. These “reactionaries” will be happy to learn that the first person in the state shares their findings. However, they must be more worried. In Andersen’s tale, it is the crowd that realizes that the king is naked, here it is the king himself who proclaims it! This terrible admission has at least one merit: to expose the extraordinary schizophrenia that characterizes some of our political or media elites. Behind closed doors, with tables set up, they find few who think the anxiety that haunts the country as illegitimate. In front of the cameras, it is quite another thing. It is to show Illico [free bimonthly French LGBT magazine], anti-racist papers and external signs of leftist virtues. To assume the denial, even the lie, on these themes has become a common usage. “The worst incapacity of our political system is to name this problem of immigration, to put it in an acceptable language,” said Marcel Gauchet in the monthly Causeur.
Everything happens as if the political function imposed a duty of reserve before the reality. It’s part of the job. So we bend, we bypass, we lie. There is no “no law zone”, “Islam is not the problem”, “migrants are a chance”. One thinks of Alain Besançon evoking the Soviet practice of stunning the public: ” Intimidate by blatant falsehood, a fakeness so huge, so overwhelming that it draws its staggering strength from the incredible audacity with which it is imposed. This scythe is the first Trump fuel from around the world to shamelessly seize (before distorting) the abandoned reality. A glaring reality, but forbidden….

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