Thursday, October 26, 2017

Considering these revelations, I don't know how Hillary Clinton can avoid prosecution.


  1. Anonymous10/26/2017

    I hope she takes all the lying libs with her. Same goes for the lying liberal media. They have covered for her and Obama, all the while smearing Trump with what they knew was false Russua bullshit.

  2. Anonymous10/26/2017

    What are the real possibilities of these chronic thieves and liars being brought to justice, as you and I would be were we to have done a fraction of the things detailed in the book Clinton Cash? Could the Clintons be indicted. Could Obama be forced to explain why his Dept of Justice under Eric Holder stonewalled congressional questions about "fast and furious"? The dollar amounts funneled to the Clinton Foundation, and the money laundering partnership Bill Clinton had with his Canadian partners would put you and I in jail longer than Bernie Madoff.

    The blind eye and deaf ears turned on behalf of these career criminals defies description. All of this goes to underscore how simple minded we all are thinking that our system of justice and government is on the square. It begs the question as to why we vote because as the saying goes, it only encourages them.

    1. Anonymous10/27/2017

      It's the difference between being a political insider and a political outsider. It goes on in Washington. It goes on in the 19th Ward.

      Try to get a job in the Sheriff's or State's Attorney's Office. Try to get a legislative scholarship for a kid whose mom does not work in the ward office.

  3. Anonymous10/28/2017

    Carr: Hillary Clinton, FBI colluded to ambush Donald Trump
    Howie Carr Friday, October 27, 2017
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    The FBI has always been dirty — consider local G-men Zip Connolly and H. Paul Rico, who were both Mob hitmen, not to mention John “Vino” Morris and a host of other very “special” agents in the Boston office.

    Still, the Famous But Incompetent crew has never been as corrupt as it is now shown to be.

    The Uranium One Clinton bribery scandal and the dodgy dossier are Watergate on steroids.

    That so-called dossier — a remake of “From Russia with Love.” Commissioned and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, it’s 35 pages of fabrications about the Republican candidate for president, breathlessly peddled for months by the Democratic operatives of the alt-left media. When Hillary stopped paying for it, the G-men stepped in as paymasters. They saw it as part of their job — to fix the election.

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    The FBI was going to use taxpayer funds to buy agitprop from Russia to undermine the one candidate whose spouse hadn’t collected $500,000 cash from the Kremlin. Talk about collusion.

    It gets worse. The dossier’s “unverified and salacious” allegations, in the words of bent former FBI director James Comey, may have been used to get warrants to surveil Trump and his associates. And they said Nixon was into dirty tricks?

    If a cop lies to obtain a warrant, whatever evidence he collects from that warrant is thrown out of court. They call it fruit of the poisoned tree. What allegations in the dirty dossier have ever panned out? Now the card-carrying Hillary apologists are claiming it was just “opposition research,” but there’s no real research in it.

    The best spin the Democrats can put on the dossier is that the most serious fabrications in the dossier “remain unproven” or “uncorroborated.”

    And if the dossier were really on the level, then why did Hillary and the DNC adamantly deny for a year, sanctimoniously, as The New York Times put it, and sometimes in front of congressional committees, that they had paid for the anti-Trump smear campaign. They lied, for a year, over and over and over again. Just ask the Times reporters.

    The fake-news dossier was released in January by BuzzFeed, a cat-video website owned by NBC News. You know, the outfit of Chelsea Clinton, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Brian Williams and Mike Barnicle. NBC News killed Ronan Farrow’s expose on Harvey Weinstein, one of the Clintons’ biggest campaign contributors.


    clintonSketch 2heads.jpg
    Graham: Clintons’ old alibi: Everybody does it

    KNOWS THE PAIN: Brockton Mayor William Carpenter, above, welcomes the declaration by President Trump.
    Kalter: Mass. frontline drug fighters hail Trump declaration

    In this Nov. 22, 1963 file photo, President John F. Kennedy waves from his car in a motorcade in Dallas. Riding with Kennedy are First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, right, Nellie Connally, second from left, and her husband, Texas Gov. John Connally, far left.
    Donald Trump blocks 300 JFK docs in last-minute order; 2,800 published

    Naturally the alt-left media, now that a scandal seems likely to afflict Democrats, has lost interest in it.

    Three months ago, these Democrat hacks were literally accusing Donald Trump Jr. of treason for a 10-minute meeting with a Russian lawyer. Now it turns out that the Democrats funneled $9.2 million to a law firm that then worked with Russians to sabotage the presidential election, and all they can say is, “Everybody does it.”