Sunday, August 13, 2017

Peace loving extremist liberals run over by car driven by hate-minded individuals

This incident was 100% manufactured by the same forces that control the media. The members of the radical left who were bused in with their helmets and bats were right, everyone else was wrong.

The Justice department should investigate who instigated the counter-protest and prosecute.


  1. Anonymous8/12/2017

    1. Anonymous8/13/2017

  2. Anonymous8/12/2017

    Why are the peace loving libs wearing protective gear? To engage in violence? I am so shocked!!! Too bad the lefties didn't lose a dozen more.

  3. Anonymous8/12/2017

    Hillary and Barry's nice young kids who don't feel like working or taking care of themselves.

  4. Anonymous8/13/2017

    Basically, what happened here is this:

    We had our permit, the judge ruled in our favor, we had a right to be at the park

    When we showed up at the park, the cops began attacking us, tear gassing and beating people, declaring an unlawful assembly

    We were herded by the cops directly to where the antifa were, to be attacked by them

    Cops and antifa both attacked us

    Everywhere we tried to go, the cops followed, declared it illegal assembly and started arresting and/or detaining people

    This was an aggressive, open attack on our First Amendment rights.

    Charlottesville is getting sued.