Monday, July 10, 2017

Is somebody trying to get McCarthy?

I fail to see anything improper about this fine man. 


  1. Anonymous7/10/2017

    his leadership style, and law enforcement history is detailed on SCC as well as some of the NYC police blogs

  2. Anonymous7/10/2017

    Yeah, Rahm! Rumors about McCarthy exploring a Mayoral run and the fact that he knows for certain that Rahm quashed the MacDonald tape means he can take him down in a heartbeat. Rahm knows this, so he calls his friends at the Sun-Times and they "dig" this up, all so Rahm has somewhere to be for the next term. It's disgusting, and Rahm is a disgusting little man because his ego just won't let him see that he has been the worst thing that has happened to Chicago since the race riots of 1919.

    It's time everyone ditch the little midget and vote for anyone but Rahm (or whoever he plants to splinter the anti-Rahm vote) in 2019!

    Whether it's Patrick Daley Thompson...
    Tom Dart...
    Garry McCarthy...
    or Isaac Carothers....

    Pick your poison, because the years 2019-2023 under Rahm's leadership will not only be poisonous, but lethal.

  3. Anonymous7/11/2017

    and ;how much would you like to donate to McComstat's campaign?

  4. Anonymous7/11/2017

    19thWard:"I fail to see anything improper about this fine man"

    except he is another giant political hack to shoots street lights and uses the N word.