Thursday, July 27, 2017

A failure of leadership


  1. Anonymous7/27/2017

    After days of listening to Gov. Bruce Rauner accuse Democratic leaders of holding a school funding bill to create a crisis, state Senate President John Cullerton on Wednesday said he’ll send the bill on Monday — pinning his delay on the governor’s “mental state.”

    The comment came after the Senate president called the governor to request a meeting, which Rauner declined while demanding the bill be sent to his desk. The governor for weeks has said that he plans to issue an amendatory veto — to, in part, remove Chicago teacher pension costs from the bill — as soon as the measure hits his desk.

    Rauner has said “there’s nothing to discuss,” arguing that House Speaker Michael Madigan is fomenting panic at the cost of schoolchildren across the state.

    “It’s because of the mental state of the governor. It’s been the fact, as I said, he’s really had a bad month,” Cullerton told reporters in explaining why the bipartisan bill that passed both chambers on May 31 hasn’t been sent to the governor’s desk.

    Cullerton too said a motion to reconsider — which essentially freezes movement of the bill until it is lifted — was filed “because the governor was angry about all the budget stuff.”

    The governor’s office scoffed at the explanation — while not specifically addressing the governor’s “mental state.”

    “That doesn’t even make sense. The education funding bill was passed in May. The budget and veto override were in July. What is Sen. Cullerton’s excuse for the entire month of June? Why is the Senate sitting on this? Send the bill to the governor already so that parents and kids know their schools will open on time,” Rauner spokeswoman Laurel Patrick said in an email.

  2. Anonymous7/30/2017

    Why should the rest of the State pay for Chicago's mess and mismanagement? No one wants to discuss the other aspect of mostly black and brown children in Chicago getting more funding than mostly white rural children in the rest of the state.