Monday, June 5, 2017

When will Blago learn?

Time to be contrite and just do the time. 

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  1. Anonymous6/06/2017

    Need a bit of clarification here. Was Blagojevich trying to raise campaign funds before new laws restricted the dollar amounts a candidate can accept. If so, those $38,000 per ticketfor a photo op fundraisers Obama and Hillary held should be looked at. Also, a politician planning his next move for a different office has me wondering what the slatemakers at the Cook County Democratic Committeeman's meetings are like. All and all, 14 years for this while watching violent criminals have their crimes pardoned and sentences commuted has me scratching my head. Jesse Jr. embezzeled about $750K and did how much time? How contrite do you think Blagojevich ought to be?