Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Two CPD shot in Stockyards (43d and Ashland)

Ambushed while sitting in their vehicle. Taken to Stroger Hospital. Condition is good. Keep them in your prayers. 

Police are talking to a few fellas from the neighborhood to the south of the shooting.  


  1. Anonymous5/03/2017

    Speaking to reporters outside Stroger Hospital, police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said that the officers were sitting in an unmarked car when two other vehicles pulled up and their occupants opened fire at the officers. Those officers were able to return fire, but it doesn't appear they hit anyone.

  2. Anonymous5/04/2017

    “We have a few people, as a matter of fact, a few persons of interest that we are talking to right now so we will see where that leads us and make no mistake about it we are going to catch them,” Supt. Eddie Johnson said.

    The van the officers were using shows roughly 18 bullet holes in the windshield. Police have recovered weapons on the scene and a high-powered assault rifle.

    ATF is working on tracking the guns,their original owner and where they were purchased.
    The Independent Police Review Authority is also investigating.

    We are not naming the officers wounded due to safety concerns and extra security is being provided for the officers and their families.