Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This is the story the media should be working

LINK news/local-news/254852337-story

Robbery gone bad my ass. He was knocked off by a democratic party operative. Who gave the order? How high does this go? This is the crime that the Justice Dept. will be looking at. 


  1. Anonymous5/17/2017

    Politics has become a very dirty game in America, and if you don’t know how to play the game, the game is going to play you.
    Donald Trump and Seth Rich are both victims of this cold, hard reality, and hopefully what has happened to them will help the American people understand what is really going on in Washington. Contrary to what many may believe, politics is not an easy road to fame, wealth and glory. For every Obama or Clinton that makes it big, there are thousands of others that have had their careers shattered, their reputations ruined and their futures destroyed by the game. And those such as Seth Rich that cross the wrong people at the wrong time end up dead.
    This is why it is so rare for good people to get into politics these days. From a purely selfish standpoint, it just isn’t worth it.

  2. Anonymous5/17/2017

    Filthy Democrats.

  3. Anonymous5/17/2017

    Clintons had Foster killed. Obama had Lawrence St. Clair killed. Plain and simple. You have something on them, they have you eliminated. They have the means, motive and create the opportunity. Sounds like an episode of Columbo. The scary part of this is that its real. And all the sheep that follow them ought to wise up.

  4. Anonymous5/17/2017

    The Democrat Party is now basically an amalgamation of Socialists, Communists, Sexual libertines, Feminist radicals, anti capitalists, minorities with huge chips on their shoulders, and basically all America haters. They hate you 19th Ward Democrats - if you go to church, believe in God, believe in traditional morality that has existed for 2,000 years. And forget it if you are a white male. I seriously cannot figure out how any white male - especially in the 19th Ward - can support these mentally deranged radicals.

  5. Anonymous5/17/2017

    Hey Matt - did you see see the thousands and thousands of people who came out to support the cops and reject this identity politics game your party is playing? Did you see actual MAJORITIES in a lot of the Mt Greenwood neighborhood support your political opponents Party ? Stop sucking up to the left wing kooks and the Union leaders who are basically anti free market Communists! Tell them to moderate their nuttiness.

    1. Anonymous5/17/2017

      Matt is not the problem.