Monday, May 8, 2017

TRUMP Announces Religious Freedom - Invites Little Sisters of the Poor

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  1. Anonymous5/08/2017

    I will bet that the rectories in the 19th Ward never even knew about this or if they did, never cared. They seem to not see anything that is wrong with the Democrat Party even if they are kicking our Church in the shins. I recall not too long ago that some conservatives researched the primary voting records of local priests - and yes this is shocking - they overwhelmingly voted Democratic. Now it seems they have been discouraged from voting in primaries where you have to identify by party affiliation. They just vote Democratic at the booth. Abortion? (nod agreement that it is bad then quickly change the subject). Like giving someone free health care is somehow equivalent to slicing up a viable fetus because it is inconvenient. I truly question the judgment of any "religious" who cannot see the truly evil elements that lurk in the Demoncrat Party. Had a relative who worked closely with a local parish and the people on the Board often stated "we are a liberal, Democratic Parish"!! Really? It just shows you what a convoluted echo chamber so many liberal Democrats live in around here!