Sunday, May 21, 2017

ND students prove again that they are assholes and that the world should not forget that

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  1. Anonymous5/21/2017

    Any White man that like football these days is an asshole and a hopeless cuck.

    1. Anonymous5/22/2017

      "Any White man that like football these days is an asshole and a hopeless cuck."

      Written in the Queen's Emglish.

  2. Anonymous5/21/2017

    Friggin elitist snobs.

  3. Anonymous5/21/2017

    Unfortunately a lot of the ND graduates are self important asshats and they all think they went to Harvard. Ever since that student videographer was pressured to go up on the narrow tower to film PRACTICE !! and fell to his death I have come to really hate that school. That and the thug athletes forcing themselves upon girls at the school I have despised the school. All covered up by the Administration. Oh yeah when they covered up the crucifix because El Diablo Obama came and spoke I have hated them. God may have made Notre Dame number one but Satan has made Notre Dame crap.

  4. Anonymous5/21/2017

    An embarrassment to the Catholic church.

  5. Anonymous5/21/2017

    In the last 30 years, particularly since Notre Dame signed the NBC contract, they literally have become a lie, for many of the reasons people have commented above. The girl who was raped and committed suicide...the kid who went up on the scissor lift to film practice in gale force winds....Surprisingly, ND is coming up on its 30th Anniversary since its last Championship. Perhaps Karma is finally rearing its ugly head in South Bend, I mean, Notre Dame, Indiana.

  6. Anonymous5/21/2017

    Who will speak for the scapegoating of counter-jihadists, counter terrorism experts and voices for freedom? Who will speak for the victims of jihad, Muslim hoax hate crimes and faux “islamophobia”?

    Who speaks for the victims of tens of thousands of Islamic terror attacks since 9/11.

    The left has removed reason, logic, and humanity from the education of our young. Think of the millions of jihad victims and then think of Caleb Joshua Pine. Imagine the unending inculcation our youth must have endured for this valedictorian tool to come to this anti-intellectual conclusion. The age of the primitive, as evidenced by the violence and abuse by these same goons when conservative speakers are, on that rare occasion, invited to speak on college campuses.

    Our nation’s best and brightest brainwashed into our dumb and dumbest.

  7. Anonymous5/21/2017

    People of Irish descent do not attend ND

  8. Anonymous5/22/2017

    Although I respect free speech, these knuckleheads that walked out will turn out to be whiney crybaby employees if anybody hires them. People, there is consequences for stupid actions...looking at the bunch that walked out I'd say there was quite a few who received federal money and grants to get that quality education....send them a bill now.....CONSEQUENCES!!!!!