Tuesday, May 16, 2017

All about Bridget Gainer


  1. Anonymous5/16/2017

    Activism equals liberalism, enough said.

  2. Anonymous5/16/2017

    browsing thru the article.....we're in deep shit if this is the oncoming cast of characters to lead the city.

  3. Anonymous5/16/2017

    Nice kid, but she supported the controversial sanctuary ordinance that allows illegal alien criminals to be released from custody. In fact one of the killers is alive and well in Mexico and one wonders if she or the other sick minded Cook County Commissioners ever think about their votes. Progressives often times progress into areas they might not know where they are going to wind up. However their noble cause often times compromises public safety. Perhaps her pals in the ward office might have a conversation.

  4. Anonymous5/16/2017

    According to the Illinois Board of Elections website, Bridget Gainer took money from Personal PAC, the abortion promoter.