Wednesday, April 26, 2017

From the Great Pat Hickey

35th District's State Representative Aborts the Illinois Abortion 'Trigger' Bill

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Illinois House members Tuesday approved a bill that would expand taxpayer-funded abortions and protect abortion rights in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.
However, the vote fell far short of what will be needed if Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner follows through on a promise to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. The House vote was 62-55. A veto override requires 71 votes.

 “Call their state representatives,” Feigenholtz said. “Make sure their legislators are supporting HB 40. This is going to be the most important piece of women’s legislation in this general assembly.”

Unless the woman is in her mother's womb, of course.  Then, Illinois will be an abortion sanctuary state, thanks to my State Representative Fran Hurley. Fran is
a nice person who thinks that a child in the womb is tissue and no different from a bit of fleshy wattle on a woman's neck, or some Lipo that needs sucking.

My Representative should represent my views on abortion - which match the majority of people in the 35th District.
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Yet, my State Representative votes with the abortion industry, Boss Terry Cosgrove's Personal PAC Illinois and whatever Mike Madigan suggests.   Fran Hurley serves the 19th Ward, because she worked for State Representative Kevin Joyce, who retired as from Illinois politics to work for Ave Maria University and now the Catholic Extension Society. Kevin Joyce was the last true representative of the people who live in the 19th Ward and the serpentine House District 35 coiling southwest from 83rd & Laflin to Orland Park.

Fran Hurley is the first elected official that I am aware of who has publicly and proudly taken the coin of Boss Terry Cosgrove's Personal PAC Illinois - a a hybrid child of the gay marriage movement and the abortion industry, funded by media mogul Fred Eychaner and the abortion industry.

Most voters in this neck of the woods are not comfortable with abortion.   I believe that America lost its greatness in 1973 with Roe v. Wade - if you are Ok with the cosmetic murder of a human being, you are probably Ok with any else.

Abortion is the original hate crime.

Fran Hurley cast her vote on Illinois HB 40 which would perpetuate the murder of human beings in the womb.  You know, The Vagina is a perfectly wonderful topic for what faux-sophisticates deem conversation and makes a snarky and fun hat worn to show public contempt for President Trump and all who voted for him and many who voted against him and detest abortion.

The Womb is a word that stands to be banned by the semiotic-totalitarians who wear pink P-hats and gush over the Personal PAC appointed representatives like Kelly Cassidy and the HB 40 sponsor Sara Feigenholtz.  Fran Hurley needs to keep her head down. Still plenty of 'unevolved' Catholics and Evangelicals in the 35th.

Fran Hurley voted for this horrible bill meant to overturn the 1975 legislation concerning Roe v. Wade:

“. . . if those decisions of the United States Supreme Court are ever reversed or modified or the United States Constitution is amended to allow protection of the unborn then the former policy of this State to prohibit abortions unless necessary for the preservation of the mother’s life shall be reinstated.”

The Chicago news media backs every command from Boss Terry Cosgrove, who ruled Pat Quinn's time as Illinois Governor, as much as Fran Hurley and other Personal PAC vassals.  

Fran Hurley's website features her endorsements by the blue collar people of the 35th District via the labor organizations.  Her website buries her endorsement by Personal PAC and Boss Cosgrove.

Fran Hurley had no problem betraying Kevin Joyce's mentoring and his political will to fight the American Genocide,  any more than the will of the people she represents in the 35th Ward.

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Mick Kelly said...
Pat, when Fran Hurley darkened my driveway on her first run for the gerrymandering 35th district seat, she touted her "Irish Catholic" family values. She said she would represent the concerns and values of her district if she were elected. I asked her specifically about her position on abortion. She said she fully supports a woman's right to choose. I politely responded, "what is a woman choosing"? She gave me the "scripted" answer about health choices and asked if she could count on my support. I politely told her that she did not represent my "Irish Catholic" values and I would exercise my "right to Choose" her opponent. She was not very gracious!


  1. Anonymous4/26/2017

    It's time the 19th Ward started electing Republicans.

  2. Anonymous4/26/2017

    Why o why are 19th ward voters electing these types of people? A abortion platform? Either we are not paying attention or we don't care. These people need to be tossed. The sooner the better?

  3. Anonymous4/26/2017

    makes you want to puke

  4. Anonymous4/28/2017

    She worked in the offices of the 19th Ward. I do not believe that she was a college graduate at that time. She was picked because she would give unwavering support to the 19th Ward Democratic machine. To her this job was the best paying gig she had ever had. So basically, any vote she gives you can bet that it was not only approved by, but directed by, the 19th Ward "Irish" machine. Sickening.

    1. Anonymous4/29/2017

      She votes in sync with Speaker Madigan.

  5. Anonymous4/28/2017

    When I actually saw the ridiculous shape of the "District" I spit out my coffee. What a joke.

  6. Anonymous4/28/2017

    If Terry Cosgrove is not truly radical, then what is? He is a demented leftist and "gay" rights advocate who has committed his life to making sure the lives of unborn babies can be snuffed out. I guarantee you that he HATES the Catholic Church. But he does LOVE Fran !