Thursday, April 6, 2017

Can money buy love? JB will soon find out

Sneed: J.B. Pritzker is all in — launching bid for governor today

J. B. Pritzker speaks before the Cook County Democratic Party, delivering his campaign platform for a possible endorsement at Erie Cafe on Monday, March 27, 2017. File Photo. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times
The J.B. Way …

The deed is done. The time is now. It’s on.

Sneed is informed Dem dollar powerhouse J.B. Pritzker, a billionaire businessman and major Dem donor, will officially announce his bid today to run for governor in the Democratic primary.

The roll-out of the Pritzker campaign, which he is capable of self funding, follows in the wake of a major fundraiser in New York tossed for Dem primary opponent Chris Kennedy by his sister, Kerry Kennedy.

Pritzker has been steadily moving closer to a launch.


  1. Anonymous4/06/2017

    Another rich guy that nobody in Illinois will be able to relate to

  2. Anonymous4/06/2017

    The dem answer to Donald Trump. As the libs always slam Trump for being a rich person that never held a public office before?

  3. Anonymous4/06/2017

  4. Anonymous4/06/2017

    Is he a member of Rauner's wine tasting club too?

  5. Anonymous4/06/2017

    The false belief that the Democrats are the party of the middle class is yet again being shown to no longer be true. People who vote for Democrats and the poor minorities. And rich liberals. Middle class whites with the exception of the Chicago area brainwashed "Proud Union Homes" support the Republicans. Wake up Fran, Bill C, Tommy D, etc....The Democrats are now the party of people with their hands in my pocket perpetually... the gimme gimme crowd. Also the far left liberal Socialist leaning anti Police and anti-military crowd. By the way those people despise you if you have more than two kids and go to church.

  6. Anonymous4/07/2017

    Illinois is on it's way to becoming just like California republicans will be an irrelevant minority the rest of the state will pay for Chicago's mess move now!

    1. Anonymous4/07/2017

      I agree but I will have to stick around for a bit longer, hopefully not too much longer though. I am not a government employee either. The Democrat coalition of blacks, Hispanics, and radical leftists is now turning on itself and on the "Proud Union Homes" that helped give them power. We are witnessing on a weekly basis now, robberies and holdups, burglaries in our area in numbers unprecedented. We have little police presence in our section of 22nd Dist. The criminals know it. And I think it is fair to be accurate and point out that in a community- the 19th Ward which is over 80 percent white, the perpetrators of the vast majority of these crimes are not white. That is just a fact. I remember growing up in Beverly when there was racial tension and blacks were at times, targeted and beat up or otherwise mistreated. Flash forward to 2017 and the people overwhelmingly being victimized are white residents.

    2. Anonymous4/07/2017

      Now white residents are targeted and beat up by blacks you can't risk fighting back or defending yourself without risk of hate crime charges or being thrown in the monkey cage with the same people.

    3. Anonymous4/08/2017

      Yes and all of this brought to you by liberal policies through political power in the hands of the liberal judges. And all of this brought to you by the Democratic Party "not your grandparents party anymore"