Monday, March 6, 2017

Missing Blog

The blog formerly known as has been taken down. Does anyone know what happened? 


  1. Anonymous3/06/2017

    Somebody is mad at Shaved.

  2. Anonymous3/06/2017


  3. Anonymous3/06/2017

    Rahms censorship machine

  4. Anonymous3/06/2017

    This is getting creepy. However I do not think the administrator of that blog did anything at all to block some pretty vile comments. If that person could just ask people to rein in their comments a bit then it will be harder to try to take the site down. There is no reason to use racial slurs for example. Those should have been removed by Administrator. After all , the commie enemies could very well be planting these vile comments themselves and then objecting to the content. Commies will lie cheat steal and murder. Ask people in Poland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Nicaragua, China and on and on. We are truly in the fight for this country right now. They are trying to remove a President and will literally do anything to achieve their radical goals. Time to take sides and stand up people. If you don't believe there are communists at work around us just look into the CTU vice principal and the views of most unions. They are in sync with the communist party web sites.

  5. Anonymous3/06/2017

    I'm perplexed.

  6. Anonymous3/06/2017

    I dont hate some people i just like them better when there not around

  7. Anonymous3/07/2017

    The machine did not like the truth getting out there. Remember the Irish Welfare world does not like its secrets getting out to the public. They like the smoke and mirrors game......

  8. Anonymous3/07/2017

    Why can't truenewsusa use a different website?

  9. Anonymous3/07/2017

    Shavey Wavey needs to get their own server....

    1. Anonymous3/08/2017

      He's been told. He must be really stupid.

    2. Anonymous3/10/2017

      Told what??

  10. Anonymous3/09/2017

    I miss Aldo from truenews.

  11. Anonymous3/11/2017

    The true success to shaves blogs was LACK of censorship. Some people just think they are part of the solution and street smart.