Thursday, February 2, 2017

Such a loss would surely be the greatest calamity the state of Illinois has ever faced.

Sneed: Frustrated Senate president John Cullerton might not run again.

Someone please say it is not so.
Sen. President John Cullerton is considering not running for Senate again when his term ends. | Rich Hein 

Sneed hears powerful Illinois Senate President John Cullerton (D-6th) has told some of his closest Senate colleagues he is so frustrated with the budget logjam, he is thinking about not running for re-election when his term is up in two years, according to two sources.

“Cullerton is stressed and frustrated by all the nonsense going on in Springfield and the ability to get things done,” said a source who spoke to Cullerton.

“He indicated he is not going to pull the plug now, but he did say he was considering not running for re-election,” said a state senator who asked to remain anonymous.

“Cullerton is highly respected by his colleagues, but if he isn’t planning on running for re-election, his leadership spot is a coveted position,” said a top Dem source who claims several state senators have already expressed interest in the job.

News of Cullerton’s private intentions comes at a critical time in the state budget crisis. He and fellow Sen. Christine Radogno, a Republican, are working together to break the budget logjam by securing votes for the so-called “grand bargain” legislation.
What will we do?