Thursday, February 16, 2017

State Income Tax Increase!

Rauner wants to raise our taxes. Why doesn't he just cut spending? Better yet, why doesn't he just resign and let someone more competent run the state. In two years he has accomplished nothing except fight with everybody. 


  1. Anonymous2/16/2017

    With Mike Madigan in control (Lucifer), what do you expect him to have accomplished?

  2. Anonymous2/16/2017

    I love this blog but clearly it has a knee jerk dislike of Rauner. I agree that he has been ineffective but he simply does not have the votes for what he was elected to do. Madigan has stiff armed him completely and our local yokel puppets that represent Cunningham and Fran Hurley are not on our side. We wont get anyone more competent. The only thing we will get is another Democrat. They are already grooming the blue blood "man of the people" Kennedy! What a joke. We will just get another "progressive" to run this state further into the ground. Rauner fought his way into the driver seat and the Democrats are in the passenger seat and back seats pummeling Rauner and trying to grab the wheel. Meanwhile we are speeding towards the cliff. We are blaming Rauner because we are still driving toward that cliff and he hasn't been able to fight the maniacs trying to direct our state right over that cliff. I don't understand the sentiment.

  3. Anonymous2/17/2017

    He should have left his ego back home.