Friday, February 10, 2017

Executive Branch vs Judicial Branch, They are calling this a Constitutional Crisis

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  1. Anonymous2/10/2017

    And somebody should remind this guy that as Sheriff, he's part of the executive branch of government, charged with enforcing laws, statutes and ordinances, not writing them. If he wants to legislate, he should put himself back on the ballot as a candidate for the legislature. He's out of his depth as Sheriff.

    From today's SunTimes:
    In November, Sheriff Dart called for abolishing the cash-bond system. Not only is it unfair to the poor, but puts society in danger when defendants with violent backgrounds have the money to post bail and are freed until trial, he said.

    Mitchell’s bill would require a change to Illinois’ bail statute. Now, judges set bail for most people charged with crimes. Typically, a defendant needs to pay 10 percent of that amount to get a bond to leave jail before trial.

    Last year, the sheriff’s office pointed to one day — Nov. 14 — when there were about 200 people locked up in jail and they each needed $1,000 or less to post bail.

    Maybe he'd look at it differently if one of these "non-violent" offenders decided to visit his home while he wasn't there.