Friday, December 2, 2016

After 30 days of silence, he speaks

Mayor Dart
SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE - Residents who have experienced hate crimes or been discriminated against can now call a hotline at the Cook County sheriff’s office to report the incident.

Anyone who feels they are being threatened or targeted as a result of their religion, race, nationality or sexual orientation should use the hotline, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. The number for the hotline is (773) 674-4357.

The 24/7 hotline will receive a direct response from the sheriff’s office staff that will be able to connect callers to other helpful agencies or legal assistance, the sheriff’s office said.

“With the FBI reporting spikes in hate crimes nationwide, this will act as a pro-active resource,” Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart said. “Hate crimes should not be dismissed as a fleeting issue or only a problem outside of Cook County.”

The idea for a dedicated hotline came after Dart heard of increasing fear and intimidation in the county’s minority communities, especially the Muslim American community, according to the sheriff’s office.

“To protect the real strength of our community, our diversity, we must stand up for these good people,” Dart said.

He has some real concerns!


  1. Anonymous12/02/2016

    His phone should be ringing off the hook from his neighbors in Mt. Greenwood who have been facing threats based on race for the past month. The CPD was out there serving and protecting but no Cook County officers but they were probably out patrolling Harvey and Robbins.

    1. Anonymous12/03/2016

      He is doing a good job as aor shefiff and is saving lots of mouny by lettin them out early too enjoy christmas. To many of them didnt do it and even if they did they is inniscent.

  2. Anonymous12/02/2016

    Sounds like real Mayoral material.

  3. Anonymous12/03/2016

    it would be nice if he gave a damn about the safety of the correction officers working at "his" jail. Between him and Preckwinkle, a lot of the so called non-violent offenders will be out on the streets looking for "opportunities" with a lot of Christmas shoppers. Thank God for

  4. Anonymous12/04/2016

    Not sure what anyone else thinks or believes about the ongoing behavior of the Sheriff. It was my understanding that the Sheriff's sworn duties were to ensure the security of the County Jail, to provide staffing for the municipal court system throughout Cook County and to provide law enforcement services in the unincorporated areas of Cook County. Where the Sheriff has taken upon himself the role of social worker, puppy rescuer, prosecutor or Craigs List and Back Page, rehabilator of whores, overseer or capital projects like a quarry in Robbins escapes me. For the duration of Dart's tenure as sheriff, we have heard non-stop whining about jail over-crowding, reluctance to house arrestees pending extradition, reluctance to enforce evictions. The sheriff seemingly cherry picks which sworn responsibilities of his office he chooses to perform. Never the less, he's never seen a photo op he didn't like. One media opportunity that comes off as really galling was a radio interview (its on YouTube) in which he expressed his satisfaction in assigning sheriff's employees to areas as far from their homes within Cook County as possible. You ask yourself, what kind of asshole would go out of his way to screw with his own employees? And then you read that he has pizza parties for "his" inmates for not throwing feces and urine at corrections officers at the jail. Reading thinks like this causes one to ask what experience in corrections or law enforcement he has in administrating this county office. Time and time again, the answer is none. "Our " sheriff is a social worker and an opportunist who now is rumored to be considered mayoral material.. An honest evaluation of the meat and potatoes required of the day to day operations of the Sheriff's office would find that Dart is all sizzle and no steak.

    1. Anonymous12/05/2016

      I was thinking the same thing. I'm glad somebody wrote this.

    2. Anonymous12/05/2016

      He is a 1st class opportunist and manipulator.

  5. Anonymous12/05/2016

    I wonder if he has the balls to take on Rahm or Prickwinkle. I tend to doubt it. He will just run for reelection and try to position himself for when nobody is running.