Friday, November 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton has had someone file for a recount.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission said in a tweet Friday that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, unofficially working on behalf of Hillary Clinton, has filed a petition for a recount of the state's votes after a respected Michigan election security expert and others said that though unlikely, the only way to know if the election was hacked in three key swing states was to recount the ballots.
Petitions were filed by both Stein's campaign and that of “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, the independent candidate for president for both the Reform Party and the American Delta Party. De La Fuente was on the ballot in 20 states and eligible for write-on in 17 other states.
It's unclear when the recount will begin. The recount petitions were filed hours before the deadline to do so in Wisconsin passed at 5 p.m. Friday. 
Stein said in a tweet that the recount will begin next week and that volunteers are needed to assist.


  1. Jackie Puppet11/25/2016

    Just like Hillary paid Bernie to lose the Democratic nomination & "go away", she's paying Jill to order the recount, so Hillary doesn't come off like the sore loser she is.

    A number of Arab countries donated hundreds of millions to her campaign-I-mean-foundation, which is patently illegal, so they probably pressured her a bit to do what she can to see that she gets the results reversed.

  2. Anonymous11/25/2016

    George Soros paid for it...gee, imagine that!!!!

  3. Anonymous11/25/2016

    Comment of the year, concerning her little friend Rahm:

    Well, it's pretty obvious then. To remove the captain of obvious, we have to do the obvious. Remove Rahm. Notice how he was reluctant to say that he was running again, until, of course, he found out that his friend Hillary was out. Notice how people of all colors are being gunned down *though, I must note that this is somewhat in jest, as the majority have been in communities that are unruly due to the fact that Rahm quashed the release of a tape so he could hang on as Mayor for four years; also of note, your city is in absolute gridlock because Rahm has privatized anything he can in order to give his friends (see: donors) a chance to repave our streets, while gutting critical city departments like Streets and San (who actually knew how to keep things like traffic running freely, instead of having every street torn up simultaneously (while paying outside contractors) to rip up the roads, gas lines, water lines, and everything else, because his people in power grew up outside of a grid system, on winding streets in places like Winnetka, Gross Pointe and the like. Also note that while he is going about privatizing any and everything, he is removing people from the municipal pension funds, who do things like, uh, remove younger people who contribute to the pension funds, which leads to a short in said pension funds. And lest we forget, he refused to jump onto the common realization that the reason that crime is out of control is that we have fewer police. But, and please, refer to the earlier point in this post, that your Mayor (not mine) put police in jeopardy is because he wanted to win an an election. And because he wanted to win an election, he put all points of transparency behind that "thin blue wall" and created an uneasy feeling of people of color towards the "thin blue wall." The thin blue wall, of course, is a fallacy. But of course, it was perpetuated by a little man from Winnetka who had his sights set on bigger things that Chicago. But now that Hillary is not going to be the President, he has tried his darndest to get the 66% of the people in this city that aren't white to vote for him. This includes, but is not limited to the recent goings on in Mount Greenwood. Add to that the taxes on any and everything, along with his destruction of any and all things Chicago, and it's not a question of what, but who.

    In this city, working people who are black, white, brown and the rest all want the same thing. We all need to come together for the common good of this city and all of the disdain we are feeling as a result of Rahm's leadership. He is not a leader, and many who believe that there isn't anyone better might be surprised that we might all find someone who we can all like who will not fuck us all over, spew fake tears after a shooting. He isn't for Black. He isn't for brown. And he isn't for white. He is the splinter dividing us all in order to maintain his power because he wants to maintain what little power he has. He doesn't care about any of us, and like the true, narcissistic sociopath that he is, all he cares about is what he can use to enable himself to the point of being the most powerful person he can be. Fuck Rahm Emanuel, and fuck you if you vote for him again. We can do much better if we all come together, and we will do much better as a city if we all stop judging every candidate based on race, because in the end, Rahm only cares about Rahm, and he is incapable of feeling anything remotely close to the word that is empathy.

    1. Anonymous11/26/2016

      Although I'm not a fan of Rahm, I'd have to say being Mayor of Chicago, with a diminishing tax base, public pension contributions being ignored by the City for 30 years, crumbling infrastructure are not really his doing. Reducing the number of city employees from 42,000 in the 90's to the 31,000 we currently have may have reduced the amount of budget dollars paid for employees and their benefits, but at the same time, as pointed out above, it reduced the number of people making contributions to the pension. So as unlikeable as the dwarf is, when the money is gone, and the bills are due, where you gonna get the funds to pay for everything? Gresham? Englewood? Austin? Nope, you have to hit those folks who already pay the most, and get the least in city services. There's nothing fair about it, its just the way it is. So looking for a composite candidate that's going to make everyone feel good about the way things are in Chicago isn't going to happen. All this stuff about Rahm's shitty personality has got nothing to do with the quality of life we're living, the highest taxes in the country we're paying or the monstrous increase in the crime rate. Those things are constants. Jobs are leaving, shopping and commerce are going to the suburbs and those of us in the 19th ward are hanging on to each other realizing the only thing we have is our family and friends that keep us in this neighborhood. Any politician who's faced with the racial polarity going on in Chicago is going to realize that sticking up for the neighborhood isn't going to look politically correct to the left leaning media outlets so making a stand is going to make them look like a member of the John Birch society and get painted as a crank and that reputation will last far longer than a movement that is sure to die down once the weather turns cold and snowy. From O'Shea's vantage point, there really wasn't anything else he could do.
      The bottom line is just that, the bottom line. Personality of the mayor hasn't really got much to do with
      the quality of life we're living in Chicago. Its money to pay for the necessary services to support basic needs in Chicago. If you can't see it in the ridiculous schemes to get it, and continue to focus on one person who lacks the charisma and personality to pick your pocket, then you're completely missing the point. Taxes on garbage bags, soda pop and sweetened drinks, parking meters, speed cameras, city stickers, cable tv service add ons, etc. You're right, all of the above piss us off. But we shouldn't focus so much on the messenger as we do the message.

    2. Anonymous11/28/2016

      Good points. Daley was revered in this ward as some god like being. In fact he spent like a drunken sailor. Gave unions everything they wanted. Pissed away our rainy day funds and then used nearly 1 billion dollars in money from the street meter deal to plug the gaps in his final budgets that started during the worst depression/recession in a long time. The fact is that the pension promises are bankrupting this city. When he took over we were facing a $500 million hole in our budget - BECAUSE of the RECESSION - people lost jobs and the city lost taxes. Under the circumstances he could have behaved like the drunken sailor Democrats like Daley and the spendaholic fiscally irresponsible Illinois Senate and House and liberal spender Quinn. He didn't. He TRIED to keep taxes AND SPENDING from going up as best he could. I have never liked him and there are some things about him that are like fingernails on chalk board to me. But he was better than Daley. Chuey would have just been another irresponsible liberal spendaholic as would Dart.