Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Salute to Mt. Greenwood

I want to commend the Mt. Greenwood residents that showed up at a pro police rally on election day evening. They conducted themselves with extreme dignity as they got the message out. 

The message is that society needs and supports the enforcement of the law and cherishes those whose job it is to enforce the law. For too long, left leaning local, state and national governments have looked the other way at law breakers and sent a signal that violators will be coddled. Locally, the Cook County jail has become nothing more that a 5 minute time out for non-violent offenders who are then released to commit more offenses. Nationally, we have a Justice Department that uses all of it's resources to monitor and second guess police actions. The criminals see this as a license to pillage. 

Mt. Greenwood has seen more than it's fair share of police funerals. I have to ask what have we taken away from these funerals if we sit silently while paid professional agitators come to the neighborhood and make accusations of us being racist and killers. All of it based on distortion and outright lies, we live our lives according within the confines of the law and won't be misaligned. 

Nationwide, we have witnessed law-abiding citizens and their elected "leaders" cower and hide for fear of being labeled something "politically incorrect" by the minions running these tyrannical governments. Mt. Greenwood is the only place in the country where the people have the balls to stand up for the truth. The truth is a wonderful thing and does set you free. 


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  2. Anonymous11/10/2016

    MOUNT GREENWOOD — Black Lives Matter Youth, along with black Chicago Public School students, plan to protest Friday Downtown and in Mount Greenwood where a black man was shot to death by police.

    The Veterans Day protest is scheduled for noon at Wrigley Square in Millennium Park and will move to Marist High School, where a student was found to have sent a racially charged text about black people to another student, the group said in a tweet.

    The school says it's ready and has been in contact with police and warned "no unauthorized person or group is allowed on our grounds."

    Organizers are advising participants to bring CTA fare to get to Marist at 4200 W. 115th St.

    Wear ALL BLACK as we call for justice!

    — BLM Youth (@BLMYouth) November 9, 2016
    The group released a statement on its Facebook page.

    "The reactions of the people in Mt. Greenwood to the murder of Joshua Beal have been outrageous. A knowingly racist neighborhood, Black students and others are constantly threatened and put in danger. We are coming together to show solidarity with the students at Marist high school after racist events, and the family of Joshua Beal who was murdered by an off-duty police on Saturday. Wear all black and come prepared for a peaceful demonstration."

    One of the commenters on the page claimed that five students at Marist were disciplined for the text. Marist High School Principal Larry Tucker was unavailable for comment.

    The school, on its website, acknowledges the protest, telling parents "we want you to be assured of your child's safety."

    Chicago Police will be on campus as well as increased Marist security, according to the post, adding "Marist High School is private property, and therefore no authorized person or group is allowed on our grounds."

    The post also says that there have been rumors of other protests earlier that "never came to be" and "that may be the case Friday as well."

    Since Beal was killed by an off-duty police officer last week, multiple protests have taken place in Mount Greenwood, a neighborhood known for being a primarily white enclave with a number of city workers, including police officers and firefighters.

    1. Anonymous11/11/2016

      I just want it to go back to our quite ways. Nough said.

  3. Anonymous11/11/2016

    I saw a very intelligent comment by one of the more involved Blue Lives Matter people about the protesters....she said you should simply repeat over and over if asked or when the camera is on you this simple statement "I am sorry for their loss but he should not have pulled a gun on a police officer".....tells the true story and explains why the BLM people are wrong headed.