Friday, August 26, 2016

A sickly old lady

Hillary Clinton needs a stool step to get in & out of her car

InfoWars reporter Joe Biggs said that during the Republican National Convention last June, two Secret Service agents approached InfoWars and asked to speak to them. (See “Secret Service is source of leaks on Hillary Clinton’s deteriorating health“)
Biggs said:
“The Secret Service contacted me. They said that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease. They [Hillary’s people] spent over a quarter million dollars on these stairs…to allow her to step down from the vehicle to the ground because she has trouble walking.”
Here’s photographic confirmation that Biggs and his Secret Service source told the truth.
Hillary Clinton needs step to get into car
68-year-old Hillary is so feeble and sickly, she requires a stool step to get in and out of an SUV.
But she and all her enablers in the MSM and Hollywood (Jimmy Kimmel: “She can open a pickle jar!”) insist this sickly old woman is physically fit to be President. How stupid do they think we are?
On Hillary’s rapidly deteriorating health, see:


  1. Anonymous8/27/2016

    off topic. visited the ward after a absence of 15 years and was pleased to see tree trimmers from forestry doing their thing and men with transits siting up area of new sewer installation and curbs and gutter guys putting in new improvements along with new sidewalks,this is great after the reign of Ginger and company,never met the new alderman Oshea but have to say that 19th ward selected a real winner,,,,

    1. Anonymous8/27/2016

      agree, agree, agree, agree