Saturday, April 9, 2016


Hello fellow 19th Warders. I am still learning how this blog mechanism works so please be patient with me. 

I am a CPD who was passed over for promotion because I didn''t have the horses. So much for that. I have six years to go and I intend to enjoy every moment. I'm going to use this blog to say what I feel. I'm going to voice all those things that I have had to say under my breath. 

Being a life long resident, I know every inch of this turf and many of the residents. Fine fine people I  must say. It is because they are so nice that they are being led by a proper bunch of bastards. It is they that is going to be the recurrent theme of this blog. I am going to shine the spotlight on em. 

Please do me a favor and participate in the poll I have listed on the right side. 

I have chosen to go with the pen name Murph the 4th. 


  1. Anonymous4/09/2016

    Welcome !! As a family member of CPD you already have my respect. Best wishes. I will try to spread the word about this blog and will do my best to add some insights into the state of affairs of our Ward, City, State and country. It really is time we wake people up to the organizations and movements that are leading our great city and country into ruin. We cannot pull punches, but we also should not hit below the belt. Best wishes Murph IV !

  2. Anonymous4/09/2016

    I say hit below the belt because that's what the local dems do all the time.

  3. Anonymous4/11/2016

    Ha ha...I see that your poll has five votes already for "5 or more" pensions per family !! A riot. We know at least five of the power brokers or their sycophants with their lean on broom jobs are currently watching this site. They are already worried !!

  4. Anonymous4/11/2016

    Go to "REBEL PUNDIT" and see the report about how the CTU one day strike paired up with a bunch of looney tune "fellow travelers". COMMUNISTS !! Yes Communists...lets see ....this Union OPPOSES our men and women in blue...and SUPPORTS Communists. Time to tell the ladies in the red tee shirts to sit down and shut up. Or go out into the real world and work 50 weeks per year like the rest of us. We may not tell you to your faces....but we cant stand your whining anymore. And you are screwing over the kids with your greedy are overpaid and under performing....grounds for termination in the real world.

  5. Anonymous4/14/2016

    I just heard that the republican party refused to seat Steve Graves last night. Matt will do anything to stop Graves. Don't mess with Matt.

    1. Anonymous4/14/2016

      I don't think Matt is trying to stop Graves or you may have just made a typo. According to all the intel, Graves is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican put their by the Dem machine in order to keep any Republican opposition from forming n our Ward. The Chicago/County Repubs know this and are just keeping Graves out. They should just deal directly with Danny Carbol who is in fact a Republican/Conservative. Pretend Graves doesn't exist. Good inside information...