Friday, April 3, 2015

The past Tuesday evening debate……………….

WTTW FORUM RAISES DISCUSSION ABOUT EMANUEL AND WTTW'S PONCE BEING NEIGHBORS. Did Emanuel or his handlers POSSIBLY GIVe PONCE THE QUESTIONS BEFOREHAND? IN the very least, the neighborly relationship has the appearance of impropriety. another black mark for journalism. 


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CHICAGO - The municipal elections are this week's hot topic, and Tuesday night, WTTW Chicago Tonight hosted a forum between Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and run-off challenger Chuy Garcia. Polls show Emanuel with a two-digit lead over Garcia, who is backed by the Chicago Teacher's Union and public sector union employees. 
Garcia supporters complain that the debate host Phil Ponce was tough on their candidate, hoisting questions about Garcia's son's arrest record. They also say Ponce was way too easy on Mayor Emanuel - ignoring issues such as the controversial school closings and red light cameras.
Garcia supporters may not have known that Ponce has lived for several years a couple of doors away from the Emanuels on Chicago's northside Hermitage Avenue. However, Ponce knew and didn't disclose the possible professional conflict before the forum. 


  1. Anonymous4/03/2015

    It was truly a cheap shot, and apparently Ponce was willing to take it and after public reaction, issued a luke warm at best apology. For a reporter who usually takes the high ground with in depth interviews, it was disappointing. He's smarter than that so to take the attitude that its his job to ask probing questions, I wondered how come he didn't ask Rahm what he thought of his kid being stuck up on "their" block with the kid claiming to be talking to his "college counselor" on his cell phone at 10:30PM.

  2. It sure appeared choreographed - Ponce gives the smear and then Rahm can appear gracious. Damage done, plus the benefit making Rahm appear to be as nice as he is miserable. ABC refused to run a Chuy add critical of Rahm - the same folks who fore dJohn Kass - the only voice in Chicago media critical emanuel. WTTW lives in the pocket of Democrat deep-pockets and Rauner Republicans and will never allow anything off-the talking point.

  3. Anonymous4/03/2015

    Was Rahm the Clinton emissary is this true? Who is this guy and why us he our mayor?
    Most people don't know of Rahm Emanuel's frightening past. After President Clinton's election many years ago, one day Rahm Emanuel, Obama's future chief of staff, allegedly named each of the enemies of the Clinton campaign and then stabbing the table with a knife while yelling "dead!" after each name prior to stabbing the table. When you probe deeper into Congressman Emanuel, you find that he is the son of an Irgun Fighter, the same Irgun that blew up the King David Hotel in a terrorist bombing and killed British Military, who were classified as
    Terrorists by the British in Palestine but from the Israeli perspective were looked upon as freedom fighters. Rahm when he turned 18 was enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces. He is know as RAHMBO for his pitbull posture!

    The late Sherman Skolnick in his Skolnick Report said that..." Rahm Emanuel - Activities And Associations "Rahm Emanuel - Top reputed black-mailer, extortionist, and arm-twister for the Clinton White House. About 1991, moved from the Chicago-area, to Arkansas to help conduct Clinton's
    presidential campaign. Raised funds reportedly by knowing secret workings of major covert operations of the American CIA. Such as: HOUSEHOLD INTERNATIONAL and HOUSEHOLD BANK, headquartered in Chicago, successor to CIA's proprietary dope and assassination funding operation, NUGAN HAND BANK. General counsel of Nugan Hand as well as Household was former Director of Central Intelligence William Colby (murdered because he knew too much about Rahm Emanuel, the Mossad, and Clinton). Rahm Emanuel latched onto a 50 million dollar portion of federal funds parked with Household to cover the pending claims of Chicago-area caulking contractor, Joseph Andreuccetti, who claimed various Chicago-area banks
    were implicated, with top corrupt IRS officials, in stealing millions of dollars of properties and monies belonging to Andreuccetti. Rahm Emanuel grabbed a portion of the parked funds to jump-start Clinton's 1992 campaign. Other portions of the funds were secretly transferred from Chicago to Little Rock to try to cover up an embezzlement of Madison Guaranty S & L for which Bill and Hillary Clinton were subject to being prosecuted on federal bank misappropriation criminal charges. Emanuel is reportedly a double-dealer, purporting to act for the Mossad at the same time acting against. Emanuel is reportedly chief arranger of Red Chinese and other illicit funds massively flowing through the Chicago markets, disguised as soybean trading, foreign currency dealings, and such, on the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercentile Exchange, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Currently Rahm plays a key role with Wasserstein & Perella, New York-based alleged investment firm apparently
    fronting for various Red Chinese interests in U.S." "Foreign intelligence sources are snickering over reports that the Red Chinese claim they have clandestine audio tapes, still pictures, and YES, even undercover video, showing secret agents of the President/Commander-in-Chief receiving suitcases loaded with money, in return for the U.S. top nuclear secrets including a copy of the super-secret computer data on nuclear testing. The Chinese, so say these sources, are asserting that they BOUGHT such items, fair and square, from Clinton's emissaries. If there is a problem in this type of "routine" business transaction, say the sources quoting Chinese officials, well, "Let the Americans attend to their end of White House business ethics". " "Wow! What Americans perceive as treachery and espionage the Chinese identify as "business ethics" in a C.O.D. deal. And who are suspected of being Clinton's secret luggage receivers? Here are a few reportedly to consider:

    1. Anonymous4/07/2015

      Not a Rahm fan, but the last time I saw Sherman Skolnick was on Public Access Channel here in Chicago (Channel 19 or 21). At that time he was blaming the Kennedy assasinations on the Rothchilds and theorized there was a midget assassin in the jumpseat of the presidential limousine. Seriously.

  4. Anonymous4/03/2015

    Lost all respect for Ponce after that cheap shot. And WTTW lost my donations as well.

  5. Anonymous4/03/2015

    Ponce's Ok. Self made,former assistant to the AG in Colo., humble roots from NW Indiana. Chuy self made too and Rahm well he didn't come from a clout rich family like so many in our neighborhood. However, a gangbanger kid is fair game and if Chuy greased a few skids John Q needs to know and besides Chuy the chief sponsor of that dangerous ordinance passed in 2011 that forces Dart to ignore detainers and hundreds of illegal gangbangers running the streets.

    1. Anonymous4/04/2015

      OK? I don't think so. Compromised is a better word. The facts are the facts.