Thursday, November 20, 2014


Tonite, he evens the score.
The tyrant with an axe to grind


  1. Anonymous11/20/2014

    " evens the score"
    Great way to run politics

  2. Anonymous11/20/2014

    Obama and his acolytes are very narrow-minded on immigration.

    They seem to think the only place impoverished people can be helped is in America. They're wrong. In their home countries, families can be kept together and help can be provided at far less cost than in America

  3. Anonymous11/20/2014

    This president has sidestepped the division of checks and balances since occupying the White House. His attorney general should be indicted, prosecuted and housed. His intrusion into the fiasco in Ferguson, Missouri, probably a domestic example of a disregard for the separation of powers. Why have a Congress is enacted legislation that clearly enumerates the separation of powers is ignored. I'd like to see an impeachment process enacted. So much of what we don't want and we don't need is being forced down our throats. Jesus I hope they put that presidential library someplace else.

  4. Anonymous11/20/2014

    Up, Up , Up goes your car insurance, taxes, and much much more, thanks to this. Who do you think is gonna pay for this mess ? The Government? The Government is the Taxpayers, thats you, imbecile.

  5. Anonymous11/20/2014

    All those "Proud Union Homes" households should be disgusted by this recent action. How can you possibly believe he is out to help the working man when he legalizes those who would drive down wages???? Your Union Communist Leadership will try to sell you turd sandwiches and yet you still believe them! It is amazing and unbelievable to me how you can still support the Democrats and especially this extremist in the WH now. We have very very high unemployment as well as under employment for AMERICAN CITIZENS !!! Do you know anyone who is un or under - employed right now ???? If you do then you just kicked them in the crotch!! IDIOTS !! AND>>>> if you have any teenage children, nieces, nephews, or grandkids you just screwed them over as well. I have come to believe that the entire Democratic Party does not care one bit for the white middle class working man....or woman. Period.

  6. Anonymous11/20/2014

    If this is actually popular among the people....then why did he wait until AFTER the election to do this ? If it was popular he would have done it already....and in theory that would have helped the Democrats this Fall. But it wouldn't ....and so he didn't.....NOW....after he has no accountability he will do so. I think we need to start to get a petition in Illinois to demand ID requirements at the voting booths !!! Why not ? If it is good enough for writing a check....or buying virtually ANYTHING on CREDIT....then why not ????? Well we know would hamper the Democrats plans to cheat and have unregistered and illegals voting....Next time you see Matt OShea make sure you tell him thanks a lot for supporting this cretin in the WH. I was there. I saw and heard them working on behalf of Obama....these Democrats are far far far from the Democrats of tradition.

  7. Anonymous11/21/2014

    I wish that mole next to his nose would devour the rest of his face