Friday, August 22, 2014

Karen Lewis for Mayor, the straightest road to Detroit.


Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 2.39.47 PMBrandon Johnson says making government smaller is a racist concept
CHICAGO - The conservative principle of making government smaller is a racist concept that targets black families, according to Karen Lewis' trusted advisor and campaign committee treasurer Brandon Johnson.
"When you talk about making government smaller, that is code ... for eliminating black people from jobs," Johnson, from the Chicago Teacher Union's Black Caucus, said at a meeting of teachers in April 2013.
How would that be? Because black people have risen to economic success due to public sector jobs, Johnson said.
"When we look at the overall scope of how the economic base within black communities have survived, it’s been public sector workers, public sector jobs that have made the middle class, and frankly upper middle class jobs possible for black families," Johnson said.
"This move to eliminate this entire class of people is not just an issue for the people who are impacted, but also for the world around us." 
The 9:19 minute video is below:


  1. Anonymous8/22/2014

    Chicago Teacher Union's Black Caucus thats racist.

    If it wasn't for affirmative action and minority set asides there would be no black middle class.

  2. Anonymous8/22/2014

    Patrick Daley Thompson for Mayor!!

    1. Anonymous8/23/2014

      People who post like this must be joking. The Daleys have now been exposed as a mob connected, money grubbing outfit that is not fit to handle the billions of dollars going through the City of Chicago. We were left up sh*ts Creek by this last Daley. How quickly we forget the parking meter scandal and how we were left with no back up money after he drained that fund. If by some chance you are serious, then you are a fool.

    2. Anonymous8/23/2014

      We must all ask all of our Red Shirt Teacher union moms whether they think that Karen Lewis is qualified to run the city. Let us ask them NOW before the big push to get this bomb throwing race baiter on the ballot. Let us get them to denouncer her NOW. Ask them if the feel comfortable with Communists running their union. Don't be shocked though at how they might answer. Either way you will be putting them on the spot. Speak up....NOW....before its too late.

    3. Anonymous8/23/2014

      Karen Lewis is no better than Daley.

  3. Anonymous8/23/2014

    Johnson is exactly right and the emerging Black middle class owes their good fortune in large part to the public sector at all levels and branches of government.The pathetic education establishment is completely disconnected from the private sector and all one hears from progressive reformers is more and more nonsense like this common core which is nothing more than an attempt to centralize education in the hands of men like Arnie Duncan who has never taught a class and is a tool of 21 st century progressives.
    Lewis is running on race and Rahm bombing which may very well be a winning strategy given the anti Rahm sentiments in the public sector. The silly ward operatives likely to support her as they did Obama because they can only think of political opportunity .
    I doubt this Johnson ,Lewis,or any number of political hustlers understand the complexities of the economic forces that drive the private sector. It is driven by demand and human capitol. Educators fail to understand that. Just talk to any high school counselor and one will be appalled at their level of ignorance of how the market economy works. It's hard to see the greatest country in the world self destruct.

    1. Anonymous8/24/2014

      PUBLIC Education is America's most wasteful entitlement program.

  4. Anonymous8/25/2014

    the Feds never went after Richie cause he was a snitch in good standing,ask Bills who is now in the process of going down...