Monday, July 28, 2014

Reagan Warned Us About Obama


  1. Anonymous7/28/2014

    19th Ward millennial : "Who is Reagan?"

    Chicago Public School Teacher : "He was a right wing war monger who hated the poor. Oh...and he was a racist too"

    19th Ward millennial : "Oh yeah now I remember him. There was a scary picture of him in one of my textbooks from 5th Grade. He cut all the programs for poor people because he was racist...and he let all gay people with AIDS die too. Also he was stupid....right teacher?"

    Chicago Public School Teacher: "Why yes Shaqwanda you are right. I will give you an A. Now let's all stand and sing We Shall Overcome".

  2. Anonymous7/30/2014

    The irony is that Reagan was liberal by today's conservative standards. Yeup. Libruh.