Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel


  1. Anonymous8/01/2014

    There's so much media spin about this conflict. Here's an item I heard yesterday on Newsradio 78. The United States condemned the rocket attacks that killed 17 people at the UN sponsored school in Gaza. In the same story, the United States granted access to supplementary ammunition to the Israeli's with funding for the acquisition coming from foreign aid the US provides Israel. The rationale being that the stockpiles of ammunition the US has in Israel is getting old. So how can we condemn the use of these rocket attacks while at the same time fund and supply the ammunition. Its another example of the bullshit our government pulls on us. If the use of these weapons has been condemned, how is it we can continue to enable their use. What bullshit!

  2. Anonymous8/01/2014

    It is amazing how often and consistently the left gets it wrong. I am sorry but I do not see this crisis as being caused by the Israelis. They were attacked and attacked over and over again through the years by government armies and now by un aligned terrorist groups. Each and every time they would WIN after being attacked. And so after beating back their attackers...they TOOK some of that land in order to have some breathing space and to take the land in areas from which they were being attacked, so as to hinder any FUTURE attacks. Sorry but the losers do not get to set the terms. Especially when they started these conflicts. The Israelis are our allies. Not Syria, not Iran, not really many if any Muslim countries are our allies. We should stand by our allies. Israelis are far from perfect, true. But Obama, Kerry, Biden, Hillary, Jimmy Carter are now .....and have been wrong so long and so often it is amazing. Look what has happened in the Middle East since Obama (Jimmy Carter Jr), has been elected. We have now LOST in Iraq, we are gearing up to LOSE in Afghanistan, we have lost Syria, and the Arab Spring has been a disaster for moderate Muslim people worldwide. Russia is on the march now too. The worst Republican is better than the best Democrat. Sorry but Carter has and always will be a knee jerk Jew hater....just like his clone...Obama.

  3. Anonymous8/02/2014

    Good man. Honest man. Not the right man for the job during the course of his Presidency. He has done more for the United States and the world than any other President after leaving office.

  4. Anonymous8/02/2014

    You know what is funny is that I think Carter is considered the most LIBERTARIAN of all modern Presidents. Founding Fathers were all libertarian.

    The Republicans are bomb everyone, ask later, fund banks and defense contractors, and let's have freedom.

    1. Anonymous8/03/2014

      Who bombed Kosovo, who bombed Japan, who bombed Viet Nam, who has been using drones on people worldwide? Who kept us in Iraq for as long as Bush had us there? That's right. Your Democrat Party. How many billions have defense contractors made SINCE Obama has been President these last five plus years? Many many many. How about Halliburton and all the other private contractors that the Democrats used as boogeymen to scare us? They are ALL still there and making billions under the "caring" Obama Administration.

    2. Anonymous8/04/2014

      Ha ha. Fund banks? Where was Obama these past six years? He has been instrumental in protecting the interest of the biggest banks!! They are all doing just fine...and no one went to jail at all !! In the worst financial meltdown in modern times. Hundreds of billions were made and hundreds of billions were given to them by the U.S. (that we will have to pay back). Barack was all IN for his bankster buddies. Wake up.

  5. Anonymous8/03/2014

    People know what is going on there. You can buy congress and the media but people still know.

  6. Anonymous8/07/2014

    Instead of sending money to Israel for more weapons to replace the ones they used to kill women, children and elderly we need to take that money to deploy troops to stop the invasion of biobombs and to organize a return of the children to their countries. If this is not done we could have an outbreak of TB and resistant TB that will rival W Africa's Ebola outbreak.