Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Ghost of Columbia University

We Elected this Guy?
When critiquing leadership, I figured I'd start at the top. 
By Wayne A. Root – I just returned from New York, where I attended my 30th Columbia University reunion. I celebrated with my esteemed classmates. Everyone except Barack Obama. As usual- he wasn’t there. Not even a video greeting. Not a personalized letter to his classmates. Nothing. But worse, no one at our 30th reunion ever met him. The President of the United States is the ghost of Columbia University.
I’m certainly no “Johnny come lately.” For five years now (since 2007 when it became clear Barack Obama was running for President), I’ve been quoted in the media as saying that no one I’ve ever met at Columbia can remember ever meeting, or even seeing, our college classmate Barack Obama. Don’t you think the media should be asking questions? Isn’t this a very strange story?
I am a graduate of Columbia University, Class of 1983. That’s the same class Barack Obama claims to have graduated from. We shared the same exact major- Political Science. We were both Pre Law. It was a small class- about 700 students. The Political Science department was even smaller and closer-knit (maybe 150 students). I thought I knew, or met at least once, (or certainly saw in classes) every fellow Poly Sci classmate in my four years at Columbia.
But not Obama. No one ever met him. Even worse, no one even remembers seeing that unique memorable face. Think about this for a minute. Our classmate is President of the United States. Shouldn’t someone remember him? Or at least claim to remember him?
One of the speakers at the 30th reunion should have reminisced about “my days with the future President.” But no one did. You’d think Obama might have sent a video to tell us all how much he enjoyed his time at Columbia. You’d think he’d have sent at least a letter to be read aloud from one of his former college buddies. Right? But he didn’t. Because Obama has no former college buddies. No one that ever met Obama, let alone befriended him, was in attendence at our 30th class reunion.
Now you might argue this is all strange, but it’s possible. Afterall Columbia says he graduated. And I take my college’s word for it. Would one of the world’s greatest Ivy League institutions participate in a coverup, thereby risking their billion dollar reputation? And there is one single article written for the Columbia newspaper with Obama’s name on it. A single photo also exists of Obama in his Manhattan apartment with the man he claims was his college roommate- a Pakistani foreign student. And one single radical leftist Columbia professor who hates Israel also claims he remembers Obama.
That’s the sum total of Obama’s existence at Columbia University, Class of ’83.
So I asked every classmate I met at our 30th reunion, many of them Political Science majors, if they ever met, or saw, or heard of Obama. The answer was a resounding NO from every one of them. I asked if they found this strange, or worried how this was possible? They all answered YES. I asked if they thought it was possible to be a Political Science major and never meet a fellow major in our small classes? They all gave me a very strange look and answered NO. So I asked, “How could this be possible? Can you explain this?” No one had an answer.
Keep in mind these people I spoke to are all- to a man and woman- dedicated liberal Democrats who voted for Obama. I’m guessing 90% are major Democrat contributors. My Columbia classmates are the crème of the crop of American society. Lawyers, doctors, billionaire hedge fund members, stars of the media. They adore Obama. But they all admit they never met him in their four years at Columbia. I am proud of my classmates for their honesty and integrity.
One classmate told me he was present when one of the most honored professors in Columbia University history gave a speech to alumni a couple of years ago. The speech was followed by Q&A. This beloved professor was asked about Obama at Columbia. He said, “I have my doubts about the story.” The crowd was stunned. He immediately went onto the next question and never elaborated. So obviously I’m not the only one with doubts.
So here’s my take on this great mystery. I’ve never said Obama was not registered at Columbia. I’m sure he was. I’ve never said he didn’t graduate. If Columbia says he did, then I’m sure he did. But I’ve always said there is something wrong with the story. It’s rancid. It’s unbelievable. It’s impossible. It’s the story of a Manchurian candidate.
The question isn’t was he ever registered, or did he graduate. And it’s interesting that one photo, one professor, and one newspaper article exists- just enough to provide a thin cover. But the serious question the media should be asking is…What did Obama do for two full years in-between registration and graduation? Did he ever attend a class? Did he ever have a single friend other than a Pakistani national? Why is the only professor to ever come forward and claim he remembers him a radical leftist who hates Israel? What exactly was he doing when no one met him, saw him, or heard of him? Why are his college records sealed? What has he got to hide?
But my educated guess is he can’t, or won’t ever release those records. Because what we’d find would be shocking.
Now I know somewhere in America is an Obama defender that will accuse me of lying. But are all those classmates at our 30th reunion lying too? And if I wanted to lie, wouldn’t I better off saying I knew the future President well? If I wanted to malign the President, shouldn’t I be saying he was my close buddy and I witnessed all kinds of terrible things? But I can’t say that. Because I never witnessed anything. Neither did any of my classmates. We didn’t know him. Never met him. Never saw him. My story is simply the truth- and it’s the same consistent story I’ve told since 2007.
There is something wrong with Obama’s story- that much I know. He is either the ghost of Columbia, or the perfect Manchurian candidate. But something smells rotten at Columbia.


  1. Anonymous5/20/2014

    Ever see pictures of his wedding? Who's his best man?

    He has a light he wants you to look into ...

  2. Anonymous5/20/2014

    I have never met a 005th District copper who remembers Mr. Obama from Roseland or Altgeld.

    Is there anybody out there who remembers him?

  3. Anonymous5/20/2014

    President Bush was always accused of "lacking intellectual curiosity". The media as a whole are a bunch of George Bushes....they all lack ANY "intellectual curiosity" at all about the many scandals, fast and furious, Chrysler dealerships that were profitable, but closed down by the Feds due to their Republican leanings., Their bailout of European banks to the tune of hundreds of billions, NOT closing Guantanamo, Not leaving Aftghanistan and Iraq in 30, 90 180 days as promised over and over and over.......Eric Holder and the many many scandals of his tenure (not prosecuting Black Panther voter intimidation thugs, or a policy of ANY charges of hate crimes by blacks....on and on... of course the IRS scandal, snooping on the media, flip flop virtually overnight on "gay" marriage. Attacking religious groups (esp Catholics) with his pro abortion Obamacare.....Obamacare, Benghazi all need their own posts to deal with....it is ASTOUNDING how uninterested the media are about this guy. It is downright scary....and it would be if the guy was a Conservative with similar gaps in his life story and history....get out get informed step forward and speak up.....be brave

  4. Anonymous5/20/2014

    A mystery man. They even picked weak opponents for him. Hynes, McCain, Romney,

    1. Anonymous5/20/2014

      Very true....and they also helped destroy his opponents by forcing sealed divorce records open to the public in order to destroy his main rival for the Senate - Jack Ryan. Before that they did the same thing to Blair Hull (who was leading Obombya with about a week or so to go in the primary. But after they (The Lib Trib) forced open divorce records the path was cleared for Obama The Destroyer. And NEVER FORGET our own local political class was right there in lock step support for this dangerous demagogue.

    2. Anonymous5/21/2014

      If you were to see the makeup of the dnc, you would never vote democratic again.

    3. Anonymous5/21/2014

      When this entire scam comes to light everyone involved from the government down to the media should be hung for treason

    4. Anonymous5/22/2014

      What kills me is this guy Dan Hynes. I voted for him and his father before him. Obama kicks his ass in the primary and a year later Hynes is on TV urging Obama to run for president and saying that Obama is great great great and that he was glad he lost to Obama. Is this the ultimate spineless kissass or what? You ran, you lost, so what? Be a man about it.

      To many spineless wimps like him in government if you ask me. Afraid. AFRAID to speak the truth about anything.

  5. Anonymous5/21/2014

    narrow back south siders dont care,they will vote for a over ripe cantlope if the 19th ward tells them to in order to keep their jobs and clout,they will say they saw Obama throw himself on Jackie O in Dallas to save her after JFK got killed in order to save her,you know it and so do I......

    1. Anonymous5/22/2014

      The 19th Ward Organization has done NOTHING for most 19th Ward residents, so the organization cannot count on their votes.

  6. Anonymous5/22/2014

    Isn't it nice that Dan got a high paying job at Metropolitan Pier Authority recently.

  7. Anonymous5/23/2014

    Please be reminded that Obama's Chicago friends are Josua Hoyt who is a third generation Alinskyite and Bill Ayers, among others, who guided Barack thru the mean streets of Roseland. Men of Mendel remember Roseland all too well.

  8. Anonymous5/23/2014

    I applied for a federal job and needing proof of a Bachelor's degree, I had to get transcripts from the college I graduated from, maybe Barry ought to do the same. I mean, he's got a federal job, right?