Saturday, February 22, 2014

Southside Parade Fundraiser

Bourbon Street


  1. Anonymous2/23/2014

    oh nooo, not again,,,, narrow backs wanting to be old country irish and they hating americans and all,say it aint so Murph,,,,

  2. Anonymous2/24/2014

    after observation of old country types and their musings of asking a million questions but then saying if asked a question of' '' oh.idont know'' and of the young ones out here from the Emerald Isle saying they are all PHDS and all from Dublin.we have found them to be physcotic liars and if 3 of them can get a young American alone they love to play the knockout game with them,very arrogant, envious, self hating individuals to be avoided at all costs,saw them at Winstons in Tinley pk.telling a old man to fuck off after he tried to strike up a conversation with them concerning his family that came out here yrs ago,after that we never had any use for them,they got what they deserved with their new we got a guy who is looking for investors for a new building downtown,beware,this guy got EU money in Ireland and broke the country after they got nigger rich and went bankrupt,Burke and his obsesson with all things Irish is pushing this agenda and can bet this irish guy will dissapear with the wonder the feds are building a case against city lawyers....

    1. Anonymous2/24/2014

      The above is correct. The old country types are to be avoided at all cost. A regular bunch of assholes.