Friday, September 27, 2013

If there is any leadership out there, now may be a good time to speak up.


Congressman Peter Roskam / Sun-Times photo
WASHINGTON - The U.S. House Republicans aren't waiting for the U.S. Senate's "clean Continuing Resolution" legislation to make its way back to them. In an effort to keep the Democrats on the defense, House Republicans are preparing to send to the Senate a debt limit package they're calling The Spending Control and Economic Growth Act which, Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) says, will result in significant economic growth and deficit reduction.
“Our nation’s debt and deficits have swelled under the weight of out of control spending and a sluggish economy.  Today’s Joint Economic Committee report (HERE) underscores what House Republicans have been saying for a long time—we cannot simply cut our way out of debt, we must grow our economy as well," a statement from Roskam said.
The House plan contains cuts and real reforms that Roskam says will help build a 21st century economy, unleash the nation’s energy resources and put America on a path to reform outdated tax code so businesses can thrive and grow. 
"By forwarding a growth agenda that lifts all boats and brings in more revenue, we can reduce our nation’s borrowing and cut our debt,” Roskam said. 
The 15 demands Republicans are placing on the table in the proposal they're sending to the Senate this week include:
  • Delaying for one year of Obamacare
  • Ending the Unnecessary Courtroom Cost of Family Medicine 
  • Implementing a Simpler, Fairer Tax Code 
  • Opening to Sunshine for Regulatory Decrees and Settlements 
  • Regulating with Small Businesses in Mind 
  • Making Sure Regulators Consider the Costs They Impose 
  • Enacting the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act 
  • Building the Keystone XL Pipeline 
  • Putting a Magnifying Glass on the EPA’s $1 Billion Regulations 
  • Responsibly Harnessing On and Offshore Energy Resources 
  • Implementing Responsible Forestry and Funding Our Rural Schools 
  • Preventing Drought-Related Hardship and Unemployment 
  • Developing Our Affordable Coal Resources 
  • Developing Our Domestic Minerals 
  • Keeping the Internet Free of Bureaucratic Control 
The Joint Economic Committee report says "...Passage of this legislation will lead to increased economic output, higher revenue for the federal government, and less federal borrowing. Using CBO’s own growth-to-deficit reduction estimation, the Spending Control and Economic Growth Act will produce a significant increase in federal revenues and contribute to the Speaker’s goal of reducing federal budget deficits by more than the federal debt ceiling is increased."
In the meantime, the Senate is preparing to vote on a Continuing Resolution that would raise the debt ceiling higher than ever before, with no budget cuts or economy expanding strategies.
Without compromise to limit debt and grow the economy, the House will not accept the Senate CR version, Roskam office says, pushing the threat of a government shutdown nearer.
Debt of every kind, Federal, State and Local, is the biggest problem facing the U.S. Obamacare only adds to it. Either this gets dealt with now or else the piper is coming. 


  1. Anonymous9/27/2013

    The best way for government to grow the economy is to cut back, every dollar they spend reduces growth from the economy, either present or future. Every regulation written reduces economic growth and removes jobs from the economy.

  2. Anonymous9/27/2013

    Wait, boys and girls, when/if they attain power again. Suddenly, and I mean absolutely suddenly, debt will not be a problem. Debt under His High Holiness Reagan was, seemingly, not an issue. Same under Bush.

    But, now, Obama, it is a real problem. Come on. This country should nationalize the fed and issue century bonds to states and municipalities for a vast infrastructure investment program. Instead, the Fed (and U.S. Treasury) bought all the derivatives . . . then recapitalized the banks, at least the N.A. big ones . . . instead of really bailing out the economy.

    It is not debt. It is not spending. It is priority. Or, priorities. All the money goes to the top, and have created this enormous wealth concentration problem, which is ignored by the way. Hell, Truenews agrees with me that the persistent under and unemployment problem is being ignored by the media.

    We can not do better. We can do a hell of a lot better.

    . . . sorry for the rant tone, but many of our problems are not THAT difficult to fix.

    1. Anonymous9/28/2013

      Because he doubled the amassed national debt from 8 trillion in 2006 to almost 17 trillion. He maxed out our national credit cards to such a staggering degree that we may never overcome this crippling burden. That is why.

    2. Anonymous9/28/2013

      Yet you offered nothing specific regarding how to "fix" anything.

    3. Anonymous9/30/2013

      "nothing" -- was my bond program at 0 percent interest to state and municipalities nothing? Start at five (5) trillion.

  3. Anonymous9/27/2013

    I would vote for a cantalope found in the dumpster in the rear of Jewel Foods at 103rd and Kedzie if it ran as a Republican.

  4. Anonymous9/29/2013

    19th Ward Democrat leaders are very liberal. They know how to hide it though. But they are far more liberal than the typical 19th Warder. At least in the old days when the National Democrat Socialsts nominated a Mondale or a Dukakis - the local guys did not care - they knew these guys were screwballs. Now they are totally liberal too.....but comes some voters so lets talk about opposing pedophiles in the neighborhood and fixing the pot holes.

  5. Anonymous9/29/2013

    Went to Saint Margarets today. I found out something that I had never known before. God is apparently a Democrat. We were told to pray that our leaders would not "shut down" the government. Also we were told to pray "for the success of the new Health Care law.". I kid you not ! After mass, I was fuming and did not want to talk to Father Bill because I was too angry. Instead I picked up a bulletin where I read the Fathers letter regarding "Congress passed a bill cutting billions of dollars from the Food Stamp Program". Of course the good father neglected to mention the spending in a timeframe context. Like we have increased our spending on food stamps by over 50 percent since 2008 under Obama. Obama breaks all kinds of spending records....and then when a modest cut back is introduced you are suddenly a heartless person. I know that attendance is down at St. Margaret of Scotland. Keep it up father Bill and you will be closing your doors sooner than you think. You successfully drove me out of your church.

    1. Anonymous9/30/2013

      It still puzzles me how shutting down government and running it over a cliff is the patriotic thing to do. The republican leadership, bereft of any real political strategies or public policies, behave like petulant children.

  6. Anonymous10/01/2013

    1) Would've been a good plan -- 50 years ago.

    2) If my taxes were cut to the same tune that Big Business plays -- e.g., CMS -- I'd be a happy man.

  7. Anonymous10/03/2013

    I truly find it amazing how dumb the democratic voters of the 19th ward are. Don't let any facts get in the way of knowing how the real world operates other than south western ave...........oh yea,B A C too.